Gilmore Girls Interlude: The Gilmore Girls Project Is Back!

I recently did a top ten list where I shared my top 10 favorite T.V. shows…and of course, Gilmore Girls made the list as one of my favorite shows.

It was then that I realized that it’s been quite a few months since I actually watched an episode of the show and recapped it! Basically, the absence of Gilmore Girls-related posts amount to me being lazy and not watching episodes…or even recapping an episode I apparently had notes for.

But after that post, I realized how much I missed watching it pretty much every week, and how much I miss talking about it pretty much every week, so I’ll definitely be getting back into the swing of things as far as this project goes.  I really didn’t realize how much a part of my life it was until I started re-watching.  I’ll definitely be posting new recaps every 1-2 weeks, starting next week.  And I’m definitely going to be posting new episode recaps every 1-2 weeks.  Preferably every week, of course, but I’m also hesitant to make any sort of guarantee, because of the several month gap between episode recaps.

I will say that it’s actually been interesting to re-watch the entire show from the very beginning, because there have been so many things that I never picked up on or thought about until this re-watch.  And I know the show is chock-full of pop culture references, many of which go right over my head.  Like, I’ll be watching an episode, and a character will say something, and I just know it’s a reference to something…but it drives me crazy, because I’m not getting the reference is.  (I’m positive there’s something out there…I may have to research this).

I’m really looking forward to picking this project up again, and I’ll be back next week with Episode 16, The Big One.

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