Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite T.V. Shows

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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Favorite T.V. Shows

This week, we’re actually taking a break from the normal book-ish topics, and talking about other forms of entertainment! I opted for my favorite t.v. shows, because I really do like to just sit down and watch some t.v. sometimes.  Here are some past and current favorites.

  1. Gray’s Anatomy.  Gray’s Anatomy has had it’s share of good, bad and bizarre, but it’s so addicting!
  2. Scandal.  For the longest time, I meant to watch Scandal, and I finally got around to watching it recently.  Parts of it were pretty familiar, probably as a result of me being lazy after Gray’s Anatomy finished.  But I’m glad I got caught up with it.
  3. NCIS.  I actually came across it on the USA network, so I got into it quite a few seasons in.  But there is a reason why it’s one of the most popular shows- it has some great moments, and the characters are a lot of fun.
  4. Downton Abbey.  I’ve only seen the first couple of seasons, but I will definitely be catching up before the next season starts.
  5. Nashville.  It’s about country music, and I love country music a lot, so I can’t believe it took me a while to get into it.
  6. Gilmore Girls.  I am such a fan of Gilmore Girls (which reminds me that I need to finish up my project to blog my way through the entire series).  I came to Gilmore Girls through ABC Family, and watched only season 7 live, but I fell in love with the town and the characters.
  7. Lost.  I loved Lost when it was on, so I may have to rewatch it one of these days.  Probably after I finish the 50 million other things I need to watch.  It was such a strange show, but strange is something I’m a fan of.
  8. Once Upon A Time.  Considering Lost is one of my favorite shows, it’s no surprise that Once Upon A Time is one of my favorite shows right now, and I want the next season to start to see where they’re going with the season 3 cliffhanger.  I totally wasn’t expecting that particular fairy-tale tie-in!
  9. Revenge.  I started off watching the first season, but for some reason, I never kept up with it after that.  Well, until recently, when I started watching it on Netflix & Hulu, and wondered why I stopped watching.
  10. I really love the Food Network!  I love to cook and bake- but mostly baking- and I have had days where I’ve literally watched it pretty much all day.  And there’s something about the connection between food and memories that’s actually pretty awesome.
  11. For good measure, go listen to Welcome To Night Vale.  While not a t.v. show, it’s one of my favorite podcasts, and I can’t wait to listen to today’s episode, especially after the last couple of episodes.

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