2013 Resolutions: How Did I Do?

2013 was a pretty good year,  and I thought I’d talk about how I did with the bookish goals I set for myself way back in January.  I feel like I’m a bit late to the year-end wrap-up party, but now seems as good a time as any to do it!  Like I said, I set these goals a year ago, and though I’d re-visit them to see how I did.

Goal #1: Re-read books on my physical bookshelf

I didn’t really do this, and Goblet Of Fire and Speak are the only books I remember re-reading.  So re-reading the print books I have didn’t really happen…but I did do a bit more re-reading of some of the books I have on my Nook, so re-reading wasn’t a total loss.

Goal #2: Vary my reading a little more

I actually did really well with this!  Netgalley helped a lot, because I found some really interesting non-YA books through them.  I definitely plan on balancing my reading material, but…I did get a little away from YA this year, and I miss it.  So now I just need to balance the two!

Goal #3: Plan what I’m reading a little more

I pretty much ignore this goal, except for ARC’s I was reviewing, so I could have them read in a reasonable amount of time, so the review could come out at a good time (like, around it’s publication date).  I really need to start following through on the Top Ten Tuesday seasonal reading lists.  If nothing else, I should follow through on those.

Goal #4: Actually Finish Series/Get Caught Up On Them

I did okay on finishing, and it wasn’t until later in the year that I started re-reading series to catch up on them.  I definitely need to work on this, because I’m horrible about finishing them…or even keep up on them.  I did start to re-read a few series towards the end of 2013, so I’m hoping I’ll keep up that momentum!

Goal #5: Hoard less books and read them more.

Yeah…having a Nook has turned me into a book hoarder, and while I still need to work on actually reading the books I get, I feel like I have gotten better with this.

Goal #6: Buy less books and use the library more

This one totally didn’t happen.  I did use the library a bit, but not as much as I was hoping.  Still, I have plenty of books to read, so it’s not like I have a shortage of reading material.

Goal #7: Comment more!

I was totally going to comment more on blogs.  I feel like I started off pretty well, but at some point, I just kind of stopped commenting on other blogs.  I really need to do that this year.

Goal #8: Listen to more audiobooks

I did better than I was expecting on this one!  I still have plenty of audiobooks to listen to, but I have been on an audiobook kick lately, and that’s helped!

Goal #9: Use more cookbooks

This one didn’t really happen…can I blame it on pinterest?  Because that seems like a really good idea right now…

Goal #10: Read more classics

I read only one classic- The Outsiders.  And honestly?  I don’t particularly care if I read any this year.  I did attempt to read a few, but I had to DNF them.  It would be nice to read a few, but it’s also not one of my goals for this year.

To Sum Up…

I did better on some than on others, which kind of surprised me for some reason.  I have a post coming about my goals for this year, some of which are bookish, and others…are not.  I have a couple that I may or may not talk about throughout the year, but for now, it seems pretty likely I will be talking about them.

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