Gilmore Girls 3×12: Lorelei Out Of Water

Lorelei Out Of Water originally aired January 28, 2003.  This episode was written by Janet Leahy and was directed by Jamie Babbit.

We start this episode with Lorelei and Rory looking at the garage, which needs to be cleaned if Lane’s band is going to be practicing there.

From there, Luke is annoyed by all of the noise the construction going on next door is making, and Luke just needs Taylor to bring by the lease agreement.  However, Taylor’s lawyer stops by with the paperwork and just needs to witness Luke’s signature.  He tells her she doesn’t need to pay, but later worries that she’ll get into trouble for having Taylor pay for it.  He asks her out on a date, and she agrees.

Lane’s band is ready to practice in the garage, and Lorelei has some basic rules for them to follow.  Later on, Lane is excited that she might go to prom, and she and Rory pick up some make-up for a wedding.  Lane’s cousin is getting married, and there have been 46 weddings at the Kim’s house, and it’s going to be the last one for a while.  Lane has a plan in place so Dave can take her to prom, but Mrs. Kim has a different guy in mind for Lane.  Dave is out of the question, since he isn’t Korean.

Rory and Paris still aren’t getting along- Paris tried to impeach Rory from student council, and when the advisor says it’s not possible, she wants something in place to make it possible.  Things are so tense that they get called to the Headmaster’s office, where they have yet another fight.  Rory says she’ll quit, because she never wanted it in the first place.  She only did it because Paris wasn’t going to win without Rory.  Headmaster Charleston goes through a list of possible reasons why they’re fighting, but he finally tells Rory that she is not going to resign because she needs to honor her commitment, and Paris that she’s worked too hard to get where she is to throw it away because of a vendetta.  If they can’t resolve their conflict in a sheltered (possibly pampered) environment, then they may not survive college.  And he will send a letter correcting his previous letters of recommendations if he has to.

Lorelei agrees to go fishing with Alex, because she wasn’t sure what to say when he said he liked fishing and camping.  Rory checks out some books from the library, but Luke offers to teach her the basics when he learns that Lorelei is learning how to fish from a book.

Lorelei does go fishing, and when Lorelei goes outside, Alex asks Rory if Lorelei’s been fishing, and if she’d like lunch at a lodge close to the place where they’re going fishing.

Rory come home to Lorelei watching a fish swim in the bathtub.


So…Lorelei fishing.  At first, I was wondering why they didn’t google it, but then I realized that this episode took place long before you would Google it.  And they know Luke likes to go fishing, so why wouldn’t they ask him?  I get why Lorelei doesn’t want to ask- she admits to feeling stupid about pretending to like something because of a guy, and while I know researching is Rory’s thing, you’d think that would occur to Rory.  It also seemed like Alex knew Lorelei didn’t fish, but maybe I’m reading too much into it.  I don’t know how/why I know this, but it just seemed like he knew.

As for Paris and Rory…Charleston does have a point about how they need to resolve this conflict.  I’m glad he told Rory she wasn’t going to quit student council, because she really needs to stick with it.  And to think about why she’s doing something, and do it because she truly wants to and not because Paris wants her to.  Sadly, I’m not surprised that Rory wants to quit, and not just because I’ve seen this episode before.  And Paris having a vendetta is also not a surprise.

I am surprised that Charleston says that some would say that Chilton is a pampered environment.  However, I do agree with his assessment, because some of the things that Chilton allows…it is a pretty privileged school, what with letting students reserve classrooms on a Saturday so that students can work on a group assignment, and classes like obscure Russian poetry, or whatever was offered as a summer school class back in season one…or was it season two?  Anyway, there is the sense that a little of the students are very privileged, and for some reason, it just is surprising that Charleston would actually say that.

I have no thoughts for Lane’s prom…yet.  But that comes up later, so I may have thoughts then.  And Rory and Lorelei’s garage is one scary place.  Like, it’s Hoarder’s scary.  Seriously.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

And once again, nothing really jumped out at me at being particularly amusing or funny or interesting

Pop Culture:

Sanford & Sons, Smashing Pumpkins

Episode Rating:

This is another episode that is kind of forgettable.  We see some of the Rory/Paris tension, and while I know that gets resolved at some point, I can’t remember when that is.  And a few things in this episode are set-up for future episodes, but…I kind of forgot about a lot of the goings on in this episode.  So, this episode gets 2.5 mugs of coffee.

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