GG 1 x 21: Love, Daisies And Troubadours

Love, Daisies & Troubadours originally aired May 10, 2001.  It was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

We open with Lorelei waking up early because Luke is fixing her porch rail at 6:30 in the morning.  She wakes up Rory and proceeds to ask Luke why he’s fixing things so early.

At the inn, Michel and Sookie are suffering from onry- and we learn that Sookie seems to be a hypochondriac.  Later on, Lorelei is telling Rory about a dream and is trying to describe one of the townspeople to Rory, but can’t remember his name, so she asks Luke.  We see Rory find the Dean box in the closet, and Lorelei explains that she couldn’t throw it away.  Lorelei apparently regrets getting rid of some of her boyfriend boxes, and wants Rory to look back at the box someday and think about how she had an interesting life.  We see Rory looking at some of the stuff in the box.

We next see Rory and Lane talking, with Lane mentioning that someone from Stars Hollow High said she was good cheerleading material.  Rory looks at Doosey’s and says she’s going in, even though it’s not Wednesday.  Lane gets excited, because she thinks Rory and Dean are getting back together.  Rory goes inside, to learn that Dean isn’t there.

At Chilton, Tristan asks Rory to go see P.J. Harvey with him, but she turns him down.  Rory lends her biology notes to Madeleine.  And minutes later, Tristan tells Paris, Madeleine, and Louise that he and Rory are going to see P.J. Harvey- and Paris (naturally) doesn’t take it well.  Meanwhile, Lorelei runs into Rachel, who is looking for Luke, because they were meeting for lunch, and he was a n0-show. He, of course, is at Lorelei’s fixing things, and Lorelei wonders why he’s not spending his free time with Rachel.  Luke is definitely used to being alone, and having Rachel there is a big adjustment for him.

Rory goes to Dean’s house and meets his sister, but eventually runs off when he comes downstairs.  Next, we see the town meeting, where the main topic of discussion is how there can only be one town troubadour.  Rory gives this speech about how he should be able to sing around town, but really, it was about how she wanted to fix things with Dean but couldn’t.  After the meeting, Rachel leaves town, because she thinks Luke is interested in Lorelei.  As she leaves the diner, she tells him not to wait too long to tell her.

At Chilton, Rory tries to give Madeleine the notes she asked for, but refuses to take them.  Paris tells Rory that she never should have let her guard down, and how Rory is going to get some less-than-stellar writing assignments for the school newspaper the following school year.

Luke comes over to pick up his toolbox, and then Max comes by for his date with Lorelei.  I definitely sensed a competitive vibe between the two of them.  Max thought Luke and Lorelei dated while they were apart, and Max admits that he saw people during their separation.  He ends up proposing, but Lorelei doesn’t agree to it- she doesn’t want it to be a way to stop their bickering, and thinks it should be planned, with music and 1000 yellow daisies and a horse.

We see Tristan waiting for Rory, and wants her to go to the concert with him, but she still refuses to go with him.  He takes her books, and we see that Dean came by to talk to her, but changed his mind after seeing her with Tristan.  She tells him she loves him (finally!) and they stand in the courtyard kissing.  Random thought time: Shouldn’t Dean be in school?

Moving on, Lorelei arrives at the inn to find 1000 yellow daisies, which was Max’s way of proposing to her the proper way.  He wants her to take some time to think about it.

The episode ends with Lorelei and Rory sharing their good news in the middle of the street.

Favorite lines/scenes: Nothing really jumped out at me in this episode, but I did like the town meeting.

Pop culture: Dick Tracy, Henry David Thoreau, Lee Harvey Oswald, Unibomber, Blue, Courtney Love

Final Thoughts:

I liked this episode, and it was a pretty decent season finale.  I like that things were wrapped up really well.  It really is how a finale should be, as far as things being wrapped up.  There are also quite a few things we’ll see throughout Season Two.  Overall, this episode wasn’t too memorable, but still a fun episode to watch.  It gets 3 mugs of coffee.


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