GG 1 x 19: Emily In Wonderland

Emily In Wonderland originally aired April 26, 2001.  Emily In Wonderland was written by John Stephens and Linda Loiselle Guzik and was directed by Perry Lang.

Brief Summary: Emily visits Stars Hollow and spends the afternoon with Rory.

We open with Friday night dinner, where Rory is asking for pictures for a visual family history project for school.  We learn that Lorelei burned all of the pictures of her as a kid.  Rory notices that the chairs are new but Lorelei thinks they look the same.  Emily talks about how she’s been looking for them all over the East Coast and how she looked for them for three years in different antique shops.  Rory tells her about Kim’s Antiques and invites her to Stars Hollow for an afternoon.

The next morning, Rachel shows Lorelei a picture of her and Luke at the Firelight Festival and then shows her a picture of an old abandoned inn, and invites Lorelei to go see it with her.  Lorelei mentions that she and Sookie have talked about opening their own inn someday.

At the inn, Lorelei sees Roon in the lobby, and we learn that most of his family doesn’t want to talk to him and that he lost his job and got kicked out of the place he was living in.  Lorelei agrees to let him work at the inn and live in the tool shed, where Lorelei and Rory lived when Rory was a baby.

Meanwhile, Emily arrives in Stars Hollow, and Rory wants to give her a walking tour of Stars Hollow.  Emily, of course, disagrees at first, but Rory says she can borrow a pair of shoes from Lorelei.  They finally arrive at Kim’s Antiques, and Emily initially complains about how cluttered it is…until she spots something she likes.  She browses while Lane and Rory talk.  They eventually leave and Emily mentions how she likes the antique store and the shoes she borrowed from Lorelei.

Meanwhile, Roon asks Michel where his room is and Michel is very amused with this- and doesn’t believe Roon when he says Lorelei hired him.  Lorelei vouches for Roon, and takes him to the tool shed.  Rory and Emily stop by, and Emily and Michel meet.  They really like each other, and then they run into Lorelei before Rory gives Emily the grand tour.

On the one hand, it’s not that hard to believe that Emily rarely makes the trip to Stars Hollow, and that it was probably her first time at the inn.  Especially with the relationship that Lorelei and Emily have.  But you’d think Emily would have an idea of where Lorelei was after leaving home at 16, and gone to bring her back home.  We finally see the shed that Lorelei and Rory lived in, and Emily doesn’t take it well.  I don’t blame her, because Lorelei went from living this really nice life, in a mansion to working as a maid and living in a shed.  It had to have been hard to see.

Back at Luke’s, Lorelei sees his apartment for the first time.  Rachel is showing her pictures, and they talk about Luke.  Lorelei talks to Luke about how he should give Rachel a chance, and that she’d probably end up leaving because she thought he didn’t want her to stay.  Apparently, it’s not the first time he’s heard this speech from her, so I don’t blame him for not believing her.

Rory gets a phone call from Emily, and Emily is asking her a bunch of questions, like her favorite color and her favorite flower.  It turns out that Emily has a big surprise for Rory- a room at the mansion for Rory, since Rory is spending a lot of time there.  Rory goes downstairs, and Emily mentions the shed that Rory and Lorelei lived in.  Lorelei just really needed to live away from Richard and Emily.  It does seem like it was completely horrible for Lorelei, but seriously, why didn’t Emily and Richard make her come home?  It seems like they just let her leave, and had no clue where she was living, but if they did know where she was, why didn’t they go after her?  And if they did, it was certainly never mentioned on the show.  I think they would have mentioned Lorelei leaving twice, but maybe the writers never thought of including that.

The episode ends with Lorelei, Rory and Sookie at the Dragonfly.

Favorite scenes: the opening Friday night dinner

Pop culture: boy bands- notably, N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys and 98 degrees, Charlie’s Angels, Prince, To Kill A Mockingbird, infomercials

Final thoughts: I really liked this episode.  It was nice to see Emily visiting Stars Hollow, which she really doesn’t do very often.  Well, not that we see.  It does bring up an interesting aspect to Emily and Lorelei’s relationship, and you have to wonder why Emily didn’t have a special room for Rory before.  It gets 4 mugs of coffee.

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