An Obsession With Color

Here’s one of my favorite things in the entire world: nail polish.  I love it, and it makes me feel so much more colorful.  I’ve always loved nail polish, and I think it was middle school when my love of my nail polish took off.

I used to wear colors like this:

And now I wear a lot of colors like this.

But I don’t mind sparkles

Or bright colors:

There’s nothing wrong with a sunny/Hufflepuff yellow.  Nothing at all.

Or hot pink.

So, I know looking at pictures of my nail polish collection is probably boring.  Or something.  But sometimes, it’s hard to pick a color.  What color fits my mood?  What color am I tired of wearing?  Should I buy another bottle?  Actually, more nail polish is something I probably don’t need.  But it’s one of the few make-up type things that I just love.

(Don’t get me going about lip gloss.  That would probably be even more boring than talking about nail polish).

There’s just something about picking out the right color at the store.  Or mulling over my color choice for the week.  So many possibilities, and it does add some color to my life.  Why I latched onto nail polish, I don’t know, but there could be worse things, right?

Honestly, I don’t get the whole going to have someone else do them, because it’s so much easier (and probably cheaper) to do it myself.  I guess it’s the whole  someone else is doing it thing?  I have no clue.  But I like doing it myself.

On that note, I want to wish all the mom’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day.

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