I’ve been thinking about technology lately.  I normally don’t think about it, but I’ve been looking at iPods lately.  I definitely need a new one, because half of the music I have on iTunes isn’t on my iPod.

But I started thinking about how much I use my iPod.  It started to snowball- iPods turned into the internet, and that led to t.v., which led to e-readers and cell phones.

Something that crossed my mind over the weekend was an e-reader.  I was in Barnes and Noble, and for the first time, I really considered getting an e-reader.  I figured I’d get one eventually, but it was low on my priority list.  Like bottom of the list low.  And for the longest time, I figured I wouldn’t use it very much, so there was no point in getting one.  But then again, that’s what I said about my iPod, and it’s something I use a lot.  For me, it would be a big purchase, so I’ll have to think about it carefully.  Maybe I should make a pro/con list or something.

I’ve never really thought about unplugging more.  But now, I’m kind of wondering if I need to.  Perhaps I should take note of how much I use technology, like over the span of a week or something, just to see.  It could be an interesting experiment.  I may have to try it sometime soon and share my findings.  If there are any, that is.

I really liked this article called The Joy Of Quiet.  It’s an interesting article, and quiet can be good.


I think I’m done rambling.  At least for now.  But the rambling will continue on another day.  Possibly tomorrow.  But I don’t really know for sure.

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