Faery Tales And Nightmares

Book: Faery Tales And Nightmares by Melissa Marr

Book Info: Published by HarperCollins; 418 pages; Hardcover; Source: library book

Goodreads Summary: Dangerous promises and beguiling threats swirl together in a dozen stories of enchantments dark and light by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr. Uncanny and unexpected creatures appear from behind bushes, rise from beneath the seas, or manifest from seasonal storms to pursue the objects of their attention—with amorous or sinister intent—relentlessly. 

From the gentle tones of a storyteller’s cadences to the terror of a blood sacrifice, tales of favorite characters from Marr’s Wicked Lovely novels mix with accounts of new characters for readers to fall in love with…or to fear. 

Lush, seductive, and chilling, Melissa Marr’s stories revel in the unseen magic that infuses the world as we know it. 

I generally don’t read short stories, but this year, it really does feel like I’m reading more of them.

I’m not sure what to think of this collection of short stories, all written by Melissa Marr.  Overall, it was just okay.  Nothing really stood out, and the ones that are related to her Wicked Lovely series were somewhat confusing, and I felt like I was missing things.  As I haven’t read the Wicked Lovely series, it’s no wonder I was confused.  But I’m not really sure if I want to read it now, because if I’m confused reading short stories, how confused would I be if I were to read the series?

The other ones didn’t have a lot of resolution and were either boring or lame.  It was well-written, and she seems to be really good at world-building, but unfortunately, this book didn’t do anything for me.  I wanted to like it, but I couldn’t.

Rating short stories is a little hard, but overall, I would have to give it a 2 out of 5.  I think fans of her Wicked Lovely series might enjoy the book.

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