The Hunger Games Soundtrack

The Hunger Games soundtrack came out last week, so I thought I’d review it.  I’ll talking about each song on the soundtrack, so let’s get started!

  1. Abraham’s Daughter by Arcade Fire: This goes so well with the movie, and I think it’s a good choice for the soundtrack.  Not only that, but it’s a great song to start off the soundtrack.
  2. Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by The Secret Sisters: This is a pretty good song, and it’s very folksy.  I have an inkling that “this is a good fit for The Hunger Games” will become overused in this post.
  3. Nothing To Remember by Neko Case: I like it.  That is all.
  4. Safe And Sound by Taylor Swift (and featuring The Civil Wars): This is the 1st Taylor Swift song on the soundtrack, and it fits The Hunger Games so well.  The video is also very haunting.
  5. The Ruler And The Killer by Kid Cudi: This is an interesting choice for the soundtrack, but at the same time…I think it’s another good choice.
  6. Dark Days by Punch Brothers: I love this song, and I think it’s one of my new favorites!
  7. One Engine by The Decemberists: This is another song that fits the soundtrack very well.  It’s a great song, and it makes me think of Katniss heading off to the Games.
  8. Daughter’s Lament by The Carolina Chocolate Drops: Can I just say that I love the name of the band?  Because I do.  As for the song, it’s another good choice.  It makes me think of Katniss hunting in the woods.
  9. Kingdom Come by The Civil Wars: I am not surprised to see the Civil Wars on The Hunger Games soundtrack.  They are such a good fit, and it’s surprising they only get one song…2 if you count the one with Taylor Swift.
  10. Take The Heartland by Glen Hansard: This is yet another good choice.  I really like that there’s a good mix of songs, and this one is no exception to that.
  11. Come Away To The Water (featuring Rozzi Crane) by Maroon 5: I think I was most suprised by the inclusion of Maroon 5.  If there’s anyone who doesn’t fit (at first glance), it’s them.  But I was pleasantly surprised, and it was a pretty good choice.
  12. Run Daddy Run (featuring the Pistol Annies) by Miranda Lambert: I love that Miranda Lambert is on the soundtrack!  And I love that she’s singing this song.
  13. Rules by Jaymee Dee: I like it.  And it is a very good fit for The Hunger Games.  I like that it’s on the soundtrack, because it makes me think of Katniss hunting…again.  But I think it also says a lot about Katniss and Peeta rebelling against the Capitol.
  14. Eyes Open by Taylor Swift: The second of 2 Taylor Swift songs, and it’s another good choice.  It’s a wonderful song, and I think it sums up the entire series perfectly.
  15. Lover Is Childlike by The Low Anthem: This is another interesting choice for the soundtrack.  I think it might be my least favorite song, but it is a good song for the soundtrack.  It makes me think of the end of the book.
  16. Just A Game by Birdy: And the last song on the soundtrack!  It’s a great choice for the soundtrack, and especially as the last song.  The music was a little overpowering, but overall, I like this song!

I was surprised by some of the huge names on the soundtrack.  I figured most, if not all, of the songs would be done by artists no one has heard of.

Overall, it’s really good.  I feel like all of the songs (and artists) were carefully selected for the soundtrack.  On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 5!

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