Yesterday Was A Smashing Day

In terms of writing, yesterday was a really good day.  I’m currently at 7,759 words, well ahead of where I should be.  Yesterday was just one of those days where I couldn’t stop writing, and I figured I might as well take advantage of it.  I’m definitely going to keep up the pace, if I can, because you never know when you’ll need those extra words.  Maybe I can use the time to work on my other stuff…

There’s all kinds of things in store for this novel and I’ve even added a few new characters.  I’m hoping I can remember them all.  If not, I’ll pretend like I remember their names. 

According to the stats page, I wrote 3,871 words today!  So if I keep up the same pace (or at least somthing very similar), then I’m set to finish on August 19. 

Like that would actually happen…not in a million years would I finish *that* early.  It’s likely, but…I tend to be a procrastinator, and if I do finish early, it’s likely to be a day or two early, not close to 2 weeks early. 

On to…baking!  It’s been way too hot to bake, although I could default to the middle of the night, which isn’t too warm.  And honestly, I prefer baking in the middle of the night anyway.  But lately, I’ve been feeling…weird.  And I haven’t really felt like it anyway, but I want to, since I’ll have to return the cookbooks I have soon.  Unless I can renew them, of course, which I’ll try to do. 

I think that’s it for today, so have a good one!

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