It’s Tea Time: The Republic Of Tea And The Literary Tea Company

Good morning!

Since I’ve been drinking a lot of tea, I thought I’d share some of the tea I’ve been drinking.  If I’m not drinking anything from my Sips By box, I’m either drinking the Republic Of Tea or something from the Literary Tea Company.  Pretty much because that’s what I have, and even though I want to buy all the tea, I have more than enough tea to last a while.

First, I’m going to talk about the Republic Of Tea.

Banana Chocolate: I like this one.  It’s a good combination of banana and chocolate, and as much as I like that combination, the banana was a little overwhelming.

Strawberry Chocolate: The strawberry chocolate didn’t really come through, but it still tastes pretty good.  This one is another one I like, and I’ll drink what I have but I don’t know that I would buy it again once I’m finished.

Peppermint Chocolate: The chocolate didn’t come through but I could taste the mint.  It’s pretty good if my stomach isn’t feeling great, which does happen from time to time.  And it smells really good.

Wild Blueberry: I can smell the blueberries but I cannot taste them.  I still really like it but not as a flavored tea.  I’m assuming it’s supposed to be flavored but maybe not.  Either way, it’s a pretty good tea.

British Breakfast: I really, really like this tea.  It’s especially good in the morning or early afternoon, for some reason.  But I’d drink it any time of day.

As for the Literary Tea Company, here’s what I’ve been drinking:

Hans Christian Anderson: It’s really good.  I love the chocolate in it but I couldn’t taste the orange, and you’d think that would come through.  I mean, I still really like it and all, and I’d definitely get it again.

A.A. Milne: This is very Winnie The Pooh.  It’s fruity but has a zing to it, and is something Tigger would probably like.

J.M. Barrie: Like everything else I’ve mentioned, I really like this tea.  It tastes like chocolate!

Merida: I like the chocolate caramel combination, and it smells really good too.  It really does make me think of Merida, and now I want to watch Brave.  Anyway, this is a really good tea, and I’m glad I gave it a try.

You know what’s weird?  I didn’t even realize until I started writing that I gravitate towards chocolate tea.  Maybe it’s just what I’ve started off with or maybe it’s just what sounded good when I bought it.  Either way, there’s a lot of tea in my my future.

Have a great day,

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