It’s Tea Time: April 2020

Hi there!

Today, I’m talking about tea!  I’ve really liked the Sips By boxes, and I feel like each box is getting better and better.  I’m just talking about the April Box today, but I have a lot of tea I want to talk about, and I think I’m going to save those for another time.

Pictured above is the box I got.  I do love that they include tea bags for the loose leaf tea, and that they have a card about each tea that they send.

Pear White Tea from Revolution Tea: I really like this tea!  I, unfortunately, could not taste any pear, and I definitely need to drink another cup or two to see if I can taste the pear.

Tootie Fruity from Tea Please: I really liked this one too!  It tasted just as fruity as it smelled.  That was nice, because sometimes, I feel like a tea will smell great, but you can’t taste any of the awesome…smells?  I’m not sure how else to put it, honestly, but I hope it makes sense.

Dark Chocolate Cookie from Cookie Tea:  I really liked this one as well.  I loved the smell and taste of the chocolate, but I didn’t get the cookie aspect of it.  Unless it’s just a naming thing, and not a taste thing.  Either way, it was really good!

Cinnamon Rose Black Tea From Miss Tea:  I liked this one.  I loved the smell of cinnamon wafting from my mug, and I liked the taste, though the taste of rose wasn’t my favorite.  And I couldn’t taste the cinnamon, which was sad, because it smelled really good.  There was a weird aftertaste, and I think it was because of the rose flavor.  It’s not my favorite one of the box

Overall: I really liked this box, and this was not hit and miss like the other boxes!  February and March were definitely mixed, but with this box, things were more consistent in terms of how I felt about it.  I would definitely get most of them again, but probably not the Cinnamon Rose Black Tea.

That actually wraps it up for today.  I know it’s a short one, but there will be more tea talk soon.

Have a great day,

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