Spoilers Ahead For The New Gilmore Girls Episodes: Part 1 Of 2

I did an initial non-spoiler post on what I thought of the new Gilmore Girls episodes, so I thought I would do a post with spoilers.  I’m not going in any particular order, but know that there are major spoilers if you haven’t seen all 4 episodes.  

So, the final four words.  I was not expecting the final four words to be Rory telling Lorelei she was pregnant.  I am not sure what I was expecting them to be, but I do know these four words were not it.  After thinking about it, they do make sense.  The final four words also bring up a lot of questions for me.

Questions About Rory’s Pregancy:

Like, what kind of mother will Rory be?  Lorelei is Rory’s biggest role model, and the person Rory aspires to be. How many of her choices will be based on how Lorelei raised her?  You can make the argument that Rory’s life was meant to parallel Lorelei’s, and I know it was suggested in a couple of articles I saw about the final four words.  I’m sure a lot of people want more episodes, especially with the revelation that Rory is pregnant.  However, if Rory’s life is meant to parallel Lorelei’s, then we don’t need more episodes, because Rory’s life path will follow Lorelei’s to some degree.

Not completely, because Rory and Lorelei are in very different situations.  Rory is 32 versus Lorelei’s 16.  I think Rory is in a slightly better position to take care of a child.  Rory has supportive parents- I don’t know that Christopher will be around, but Luke was always more of a father to her than Chris ever seemed to be, though he did try.  I’m not sure if Rory is still working at the Stars Hollow Gazette, but I am assume she is.  Logan seems to be her Christopher (assuming he’s the father, and we’ll get to that in a minute), and it seems implied that Jess is her Luke.  Which is weird, given Luke and Lorelei are married, and even though Jess and Rory aren’t blood-related, there is something that creeps me out about Rory and Jess being together.  It’s obvious Jess still cares for Rory, and he’s always there when she needs to get her shit together.

The Father Question:

Although…there is the father question, and I’m bringing Christopher into this.  When she went to ask Christopher about why he wasn’t around, I assumed she was asking because of the book, and wanting to get his side of things.  And maybe she wanted to know for herself.

But did she know she was pregnant when she went to talk to him?  Because that would change the conversation completely.  I still think the book is part of why she went, but was she asking because Logan’s the father, and she wanted to know if she should tell him?

On the one hand, Rory seems to be done with Logan, especially now that his fiancee has moved in.  It was very clear in New Hampshire that she doesn’t want him to come to her rescue.  With him being engaged, a child with someone else (definite proof he wasn’t faithful)…I can see Rory not wanting to mess that up for him.  And with what Christopher told her, I can see Rory deciding to raise a child on her own because she turned out okay.  Still, Logan is in a position to provide child support, but Rory, I think, just wants to be done with Logan.  She can’t, not completely, but it seems like she’s cut her ties with him.

I had always wondered if Chris stayed away because Lorelei didn’t want him around, or if it was because he wasn’t ready, even though he thought he was.  At least we know Christopher wasn’t around much because it was him, and not Lorelei.

Lorelei’s Side Of The Story:

I always thought Lorelei’s story were one-sided, in terms of raising a child on her own, and how horrible her parents were.  Richard and Emily never seemed as bad as Lorelei said they were, but we also never really see what life was like for Lorelei growing up, so it’s possible Lorelei was right.  But it also never seemed to match up with what Richard and Emily said happened, and I’m a little sad that we never really saw their side.

And Lorelei’s reaction to Rory’s book idea?  To a certain degree, I can understand Lorelei’s reaction to Rory’s book idea.  It has to be hard knowing your daughter wants to write about you, and your life.  She did seem to be a little more open about it at the end of the series.

I also felt like it confirmed that Lorelei is trying to present a certain narrative about what her life was like, and by Rory writing this book, she loses control over that story.  I could be wrong, but that’s kind of how I saw it.  I never thought about it before, but what if we saw the series through Rory’s eyes?  It would explain why things seemed so one-sided, especially if Lorelei wasn’t being completely honest about what happened.

Season 7:

I also wanted to talk about season 7.  I wasn’t sure if it would be acknowledged, or how the Palladino’s would handle it.  I was glad to see that they did nod to some of the things that happened, like mentioning Lorelei’s marriage to Christopher.  I was glad that Luke and Lorelei got back together, and it seemed like they were headed in that direction at the end of season 7, but it seemed like they glossed over that point.  Not that it needs to be explained, because it doesn’t, but I am curious about how they got back together.

I’m also curious about how Rory and Logan’s affair started, and at what point he told her he was engaged.  And why they kept their affair going after that.  Honestly, there was the Dean thing in season 4 or 5 (or both?  I can’t remember), and I’m slightly disappointed that this seems to be Rory’s thing, have affairs with people who are off the market.  At least with Logan, she realized that she needed to end things.  Her affair with Logan is much worse than the one with Dean, in my opinion (though that was bad too), but I have to admit that scene did break my heart.

I’m going to end it here, since this post is getting really long.  This will be the first of two posts, so there’s definitely more!

3 thoughts on “Spoilers Ahead For The New Gilmore Girls Episodes: Part 1 Of 2

  1. I definitely think she knew she was pregnant when she went to talk to Christopher, and I have been meaning to go back and re-watch that scene. The way I was interpreting it, was that it was possibly that one-night rendevous with Logan and his friends that resulted in the pregnancy. As to the last 4 words, I was definitely shocked, and it was not what I expected! But thinking about it, and the full-circle theme, it definitely makes sense. While not the 4-words I expected, I really liked how it ended.

    • I liked how it ended too, and it definitely brings it back full circle! I agree that it was the one night rendevous with Logan and his friends that resulted in her pregnancy. Looking back, I think she did know, especially with how she was acting before she went to go talk to him, but I definitely want to re-watch that scene in particular.

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