Nail Polish Talk: November 2015

Nail Polish Talk is a once-a-month feature where I talk about the nail polish I wore and the nail polish I got.

In November, I wore Star Seeds and Imperial Serpent, If The Shoe Fits, Aubrey, Fiore and Melody and Penny.

Nail Polish Project- November 2015 Collage

The Week Of November 1: Star Seeds and Imperial Serpent, both by Mod

I wore Star Seeds and Imperial Serpent to go with my Halloween costume- they’re perfect Night Vale colors, which went well with my Cecil costume.

I love Star Seeds, and it reminded me of night time and looking at stars! Imperial Serpent is a pretty purple but I didn’t like it as much as I liked Star Seeds. They do have a liquid sand texture, and they chipped really easy- I washed my hands the same amount I usually do, but these 2 chipped more than most of the other polishes I wear. I got them off of Etsy, and I’m really sad that shop has closed down, because I would love to buy more from that shop. So I’m kind of torn about how much I want to wear them, because once they’re gone, I can’t buy any more, bu I also don’t want them to collect dust because I don’t want to use them up.

The Week Of November 8: If The Shoe Fits by Morgan Taylor

I got this one a few months ago and I just love the color. It’s a pretty silvery blue, and it has the perfect amount of glitter. I couldn’t stop looking at it. That’s all I can actually remember, even with the notes I have. I’ll definitely have to check out more Morgan Taylor polishes, especially if they’re as pretty as this one!

The Week Of November 15: Aubrey by Julep

Aubrey is described as a Rosewood shimmer, so I expected something more pink and gold, and this one was more plum colored. It’s a pretty color, though, and there’s something metallic/chrome about this one- almost as if it’s a blend between them.

The Week Of November 22: Fiore And Melody, both by Julep

Fiore is a really pretty brown that’s perfect for fall! One coat is a pretty brown, and two coats makes Fiore a brown-black. It definitely reminded me of coffee!

I also wore Melody, which is a new top coat that was randomly added to my Maven box. It made my nails look very glossy (so it being described as high gloss is extremely accurate) but I thought it failed as an iridescent glitter top coat. From what I could tell, the glitter was distributed evenly, and the bottle makes it look like there’s a ton of glitter, but when I applied it, you could barely tell there was glitter. I’d wear it for the gloss/shine it added, but not for the glitter, which is sad, because I love glitter.

The Week Of November 29: Penny by Julep

I love Penny! The name is absolutely perfect for this color, because it really does remind me of a shiny new penny. I did notice some silver in it, and part of me wishes that came out a little more. You also get full coverage with one coat, which is awesome, because I feel like you don’t get that with a lot of the polishes from Julep. It’s such a good holiday color, and it’s a color that looks great on everyone.

Maven Box:

I got Penny, Aubrey, Jo and Melody, so I wore most of November’s box. Jo is a good holiday color, and it’s a metallic nail polish, so it’s perfect for this time of year.

Maven- November 2015

I also can’t wait to get December’s box- all of the colors are so pretty, and I got a few add-ons.  I got a couple of mystery ones, so I can’t wait to see what they are!

I hope everyone has an amazing December!

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