NaNoWriMo 2015 Update #2: Winner!

I think it’s time for another NaNoWriMo update!

NaNo Winner 2015

I have written 50,237 words this month!  Well, a little bit more than that, because I always try to write a little bit more than the 50k, but I reached my goal, and I did it a few days early.  I’m still going to be writing, but I won’t be writing the way I was for most of the month.  This story I’ve been working on is nowhere close to being finished-I have two books outlined, and a couple of ideas for a next book, but other than that, I have nothing.

I’m not sure where to go next: I’m not sure if I want to finish writing what I have outlined, if I want to work on the characters and the world, if I want to take a break before doing anything else, or if I want to try to outline the rest of the story.  Or some combination of those things.

A break would be nice, because it would give me some distance before starting up again.  But I’m also worried that the momentum I’m had for the entire month will vanish if I stop, and that I won’t go back to it if I take a break. We’ll see, I suppose.  It’s not like I have to decide right this instant.

It really has been an easy year- of the now 10 times I’ve done NaNo, this one has been the EASIEST year by far, and I think a lot of it has to do with having an outline and using Scrivener.  I knew where it was going, and that made it a lot easier to write, especially since I had quite a few days where I didn’t want to write whatever scene I was supposed to be writing.  It was really easy to jump to something I did want to write, and it was just as easy to go back and write the scenes I skipped over.  It was also really easy to move things around and combine scenes or add more scenes or even get rid of scenes if I needed to.

It’s also really nice to have this entire story (and everything relating to it) in one place.  It’s been nice having in one place and having it really easy to find, and having it fairly organized.  It’s a little weird, because I’m so used to using Word, but having used Scrivener for about a month, I don’t think I could go back to Word.

Overall, NaNo has gone really well this year, and I’m really excited about this story in particular.  I definitely can’t wait to keep working on it!

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