Nail Polish Talk: October 2015

I wore a lot of polish this month: Anisa and Ursula, Cassandra and Logan, Ledi and Margarita, and Brandt and Sabrina.  I went for more Halloween/Fall polishes this month, and since I had some trouble deciding on which colors to go with, I figured I’d pair some together.  A couple of them, though, had a paired crackle polish, which I thought would be a lot of fun to do.

Nail Polish Project- October 2015 collage

Week Of October 4: Anisa and Ursula

Anisa and Ursula seemed perfect for fall/Halloween, and not surprisingly, I haven’t worn them before!  I really liked Anisa, and I was glad that I wore it.  Anisa is really pretty and I would wear it again, even on its own.

As for Ursula, I really liked it with Anisa, and I wonder what it would look like with other colors.  I don’t have experience with crackle nail polish, so I’m not sure how it stacks up with other brands but I thought it went on well.  Some nails had a little bit thicker of a coat, and it was sort of cool to see how how much the design changed depending on the thickness of the coat.

Week Of October 11: Cassandra and Logan

Cassandra was from a recent Maven box, and I got it specifically because I was in the mood for something I don’t wear often.  It was a lot more brown than I expected (based on the bottle and from the swatch on Julep), but that might have been the lighting anytime I looked at my nails.  I really liked it, though, and I’m glad I took a chance on it. It’s a nice, dark color, and it was nice wearing something a little more dark, since I tend to go for brighter colors.

I also paired it with Logan, which was more black than purple.  At least, it looked more black to me, but maybe that’s because I’m not sure what aubergine is as a color.  I did like it, and it’s a good fall color.  I’m not sure if pairing it with Cassandra was the best choice, but Logan is an interesting color.

Week Of October 18: Ledi And Margarita

These two paired well together!  Ledi is a great shade of black- I don’t wear a lot of black nail polish, even though I have a few bottles of it, and I think sometimes black has the potential to look like Sharpie (sort of how white can look like white-out).  But Ledi did not remind me of Sharpie!  There was no shimmer that I could see (even though it’s described as a shimmer).  But it is a good black to have in your collection, because there is something to this polish.

Margarita is a pretty purple, and I want to wear it again!  Together, they are good Night Vale colors.  I sort of forgot I had Margarita, but if you need a good dark purple, Margarita is a really good choice because it’s pretty subtle for a purple.

Week Of October 25: Brandt And Sabrina

For Halloween week, I went with the traditional black and orange, which meant Brandt and Sabrina!

I sort of wish I had one nail that had just Brandt on its own, to get a good feel for the color.  Brandt did go on a little streaky, but two coats even it out.  I think I like it as much as Ledi, but something about it is a little softer, making it a good addition to your collection, particularly if you want black, but something less striking than Ledi.

Sabrina goes well with Brandt, and judging from the bottle, I have worn it before.  But it’s been so long that I remember nothing about wearing it.  As far as crackle polishes go, it was on par with Ursula, but I also don’t have much to compare it to.

Maven Box:

I did skip October’s box, but I can’t wait to get November’s box.  It’s nice to be getting a Maven box, since I’ve skipped a lot of them this year, having skipped so many, it feels a little weird to be getting it.  I can’t wait to share the box with everyone!

Happy November!

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