Nail Polish Talk: May 2015

In May, I wore Ryan by Julep, Big Hair, Big Nails by OPI, Margaret by Julep, and Lissa by Julep.

Nail Polish Project- May 2015 Collage

First, I wore Ryan by Julep, with Braiden as an accent nail.  I really liked Braiden, which is Julep’s version of the liquid sand nail polish.  I really liked the texture, but not wearing a top coat with it is weird.  I did eventually put one on, because this type of nail polish tends to chip pretty fast in my opinion, especially when you wear it on an index finger.  I really liked it as an accent nail.  I also wore Ryan as my main color, and while I liked it- it reminded me of the dull side of a ribbon, and I really liked that for some reason- I also thought that it was a little dull and needed something to liven it up.  Granted, it’s a satin finish, and it’s more matte than anything else, but maybe it was the shade?  I’d definitely wear Braiden again, but I’m not sure about Ryan.

I also wore Big Hair, Big Nails by OPI, which is pink, and that’s normally not a color I go for.  It is a pretty color, but I found that you need to have perfect nails for this shade because it’s not very forgiving.  It definitely shows any imperfections you have. I’m not sure if I’d wear it again- if I do, it’ll probably be as an accent nail or I’ll use it for nail art or maybe wear it with some glitter on top.

Next is Margaret by Julep, which is one of my favorites I’ve worn so far.  It’s a pretty pastel blue, and while pastel normally isn’t my thing, I really like this shade of it!  It would also look awesome with glitter nail polish on it.  Then again, I think glitter makes everything more awesome, so maybe I’m not the best judge of that.  But with creme nail polishes, sometimes the polish needs a little something extra, but this one doesn’t!

Last week, I wore Lissa by Julep, and I wore Kaleidoscope on top.  Kaleidoscope is one of those holographic glitter top coats, so it added some subtle shimmer, while allowing Lissa to shine through.  Lissa is a pretty turquoise, but more on the green end of turquoise.  I liked it though, and I think it’s another one of my favorites so far.

I opted to not do the week of May 31 for this post, because I’ve found that I need more than a day or two to really see how I like it and what I really think of it, since it has a tendency to change over the course of the week.  Besides, most of the week will be in June, so in my mind, it counts as a June week.

I didn’t get any new nail polish, and I did opt out of May’s Maven box, but I did get June’s box, so I’ll have more on that next month.  It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve received one.

Probably because it has been a couple of months.  But I’m really glad that I have the option to customize my box, because I didn’t really like a couple of the colors, and thankfully, there were a couple of ones I really liked, so swapping in was easy this month.

Happy June!

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