Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Want To Be For Halloween

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Top Ten Characters I Want To Be For Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  Random Thought: Why on earth is there Christmas stuff next to the Halloween stuff at Target.  I don’t understand this!  Anyway, I have the book-ish and the non-bookish, because, well, I couldn’t help but come up with so many ideas!  (Me being me, I managed to relate most of my choices to books).  Because I’m going off on so many tangents, I really need to watch Hocus Pocus and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, which are my 2 favorite movies to watch this time of year.  (Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies, because I’m weird like that).

  1. Luna Lovegood.  It would be so fun to dress up as Luna!  She’s so quirky and odd and one year, I’m going to have dress up as her.  (Not next year, because I already have some costumes in mind, but maybe the year after that).
  2. Speaking of Halloween costumes for next year, I really want to dress up as someone from Night Vale.  Night Vale definitely inspires costumes for years- hooded figures, scientists, librarians, Night Vale Radio interns, Hiram McDaniels, the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home, Cecil, Old Woman Josie (or one of her angels), the Apache Tracker (except that would be way too offensive, so scratch that) and the Glow Cloud…to name quite a few.
  3. This randomly popped into mind, but it would be really fun to dress up as a character from a historical romance novel. I have no particular character in mind, because I don’t read enough of it to have someone in mind.  It’s mostly an excuse to wear a ballgown or poofy dress.
  4. I’ve always wanted to dress up as a flapper.  I know I’ve read a book or two set during the 1920’s, and it seems like
  5. And a goddess.  Probably Greek, because I’m the most familiar with Greek mythology.  I’ve always liked Athena.
  6. The Queen Of Hearts!  There’s nothing wrong with Alice, but for some reason, I’d much rather be The Queen Of Hearts.
  7. Eve from Morganville Vampires.  It would be fun to dress up as Eve for a night.  Probably because there’s something intriguing and very out-of-my-comfort zone about the Goth look.
  8. Tinkerbell!  I love fairies, and am utterly confused as to why I have never dressed up as Tinkerbell.  On a semi-related note, it would also be fun to dress up as Tiger Lily, as with how she’s described in Jodi Lynn Anderson’s re-telling.
  9. A Disney Princess.  Preferably Snow White, Ariel, Belle or Merida.  Cinderella would be pretty awesome too.  Again, I just want an excuse to wear a big, poofy dress, but Disneybound has some awesome ideas for Disney inspired outfits.
  10. Speaking of Disney-inspired outfits, that’s where I got the inspiration for my Halloween costume this year!  I’m dressing up as Anna from Frozen, and I have most of my outfit put together.  I just need to crochet a shawl before Friday and finish the hat, and I’ll have something I can wear throughout the year.  I can totally pull this off in 3 days.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Want To Be For Halloween

  1. Eve made my list, too. The Diviners by Libba Bray is set in the 20s and it’s creepy, too. I picked a different Harry Potter character. Nice list! Happy Halloween!

    Michelle @ Michelle’s Minions

    My TTT

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