Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Gateway Books And Authors On My Reading Journey

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Top Ten Gateway Books & Authors On My Reading Journey

So many books and authors are really important to me- some I keep going back to, because they’re comforting, and others got me into a genre I really like.  My reading journey wouldn’t be complete without them!

  1. Harry Potter.  I doubt it’s a surprise to anyone who’s met me or to anyone who’s read more than a few of my other top ten Tuesday lists.  Harry Potter is the one series that I can read over and over and never get tired of, and it’s really the only fandom I consider myself to be a part of.  The words I would need to explain how much Harry Potter means to me don’t seem adequate enough.
  2. Twilight.  I love me something paranormal, and Twilight is a huge reason why.  I went through the series so fast, and even though I haven’t read it in forever, it’s still the reason why I love paranormal so much.
  3. The Hunger Games is what got me into YA.  Like, really into YA.  I read a little bit of it before then, but it really is the pivotal gateway YA book for me.
  4. Pride And Prejudice sparked my interest in classics.  Granted, I don’t read a lot of classics, but it is the classic that got me to be more open to reading them in the first place.  I don’t even remember what got me to pick up Pride And Prejudice in the first place, but I got it, read it, and was hooked!
  5. Fruits Basket is what got me into the manga I keep meaning to read but somehow never manage to do.  Still, I’m 100% positive I wouldn’t even be interested in manga if it weren’t for Fruits  Basket.
  1. Laurie Halse Anderson.  I love her so much, and I still remember reading Speak back in high school, and it’s stayed with me for ten years.  Her books have a way of making me feel like everything is going to be okay, no matter what’s going on.  She’s definitely one of the many reasons why I love YA.
  2. Alison Weir.  She’s my go-to for Tudor non-fiction.  While I really should start reading books written by people who aren’t Weir, I think she’ll always be the one I go back to when I want to read anything having to do with the Tudors.
  3. Mary Roach.  I’ve listened to a couple of her books recently, and I’m not super-into science, but I think she’s going to be my gateway into fun and quirky books about science.  Because she makes it fun and interesting!
  4. Philippa Gregory is definitely the author who got me into historical fiction.  There’s something about her books that make me want to keep reading!
  5. Rachel Caine.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure why Caine makes the cut, but she does.  I think it’s because she does slightly different things in the paranormal genre, and makes it fun.  I’ve never even considered adult paranormal romance until I started reading Rachel Caine, and now I can’t wait to see what else is out there.  She’s also one of the big reasons why I love paranormal so much!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Gateway Books And Authors On My Reading Journey

  1. Hello, fellow Austenite! You have a great list here. You can’t go wrong with Austen. Or J.K. Rowling. Or Suzanne Collins. You get the idea. LOL Thanks for stopping by today!

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