Novella Round-Up #1: Dream Dark and Dangerous Dream

I’m never quite sure what to do with novellas- I want to talk about them but they’re so short that do a full post for one tiny novella seems weird…so I’ve decided to do a novella round-up after I’ve read a few.  This round-up is for Dream Dark, which takes place between Beautiful Darkness and Beautiful Chaos, while Dangerous Dream is a prequel novella to the Beautiful Creatures spin-off that will be the Dangerous Creatures series.

You can find Kami Garcia on her website and Margaret Stohl on her website, and be sure to check out the Beautiful Creatures website!

Dream Dark CoverDream Dark: Beautiful Creatures #2.5 (You can find Dream Dark on goodreads!)

Written by: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, narrated by Kevin T. Collins

Format: audiobook from

Length: 3 hours, 23 minutes

This all-new story focuses on the fan-favorite character Link who undergoes a heart-racing transformation. Wounded during a climactic battle, Link slowly realizes that being bitten by a Supernatural does more than break the skin—it can change a person, inside and out, turning him into a creature more and more like the dark creature who injured him.

I really liked Dream Dark, and it’s nice to see what’s going on with Link after he becomes a quarter incubus.  I always liked Link, and it was nice to see him talk with Macon, who explained everything to him.  It’s narrated by the same guy who narrated the rest of the series, and he did great, but it was hard to see it as truly Link’s story when all I could think about was how Ethan (because really, that’s who he is to me) was telling Link’s story.  I get it’s probably for continuity reasons, but it would have been to have someone different for Link to really come through.  

I did go in knowing it was a short story, but it felt super-short and I wish we saw more of what Link went through right after becoming an incubus.  Honestly, I’d rather have a longer novella if it meant there was no sneak peek of the next book in the series, but I think that’s because I’m reading it after the fact.  

Still, I like that you see how Ridley’s adjusting to being a mortal and how Lena’s decision to claim herself has consequences that you see in this short novella.  It’s definitely a sign of things to come.  

Overall, I really liked it, and Dream Dark gets 4 stars.

Dangerous Dream: Dangerous Creatures #0.5 (You can find Dangerous Creatures on goodreads)

Written by: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, narrated by Kevin T. Collins

Length: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Catch up with Ethan, Lena, and Link as they finally graduate from high school and get ready to leave the small Southern town of Gatlin. But when Dark Caster Ridley makes an appearance, the sometime bad girl can’t resist picking a fight with her sometime boyfriend, Link. Angry and rebellious as ever, Ridley ends up alone in New York City and becomes entangled in the dangerous underground Caster club scene, where the stakes are high and losers pay the ultimate price.Where’s a Linkubus when you need him?

Dangerous Dream CoverSpin-off series always make me a little hesitant but I liked the Beautiful Creatures series enough to give this novella a try.  I like that it’s about Link and Ridley, who are two of the more interesting characters in the Caster Chronicles, and I like that this series focuses on them.  I really liked that we saw what happened after the Caster Chronicles ended, and seeing what’s going on with Ridley and Link.  I’m definitely looking forward to reading Dangerous Creatures.

I went with the audio book for Dangerous Dream (because I can’t imagine “reading” the series any other way) and while I really like Kevin Collins as a narrator, it’s hard to see him as Link because he really is Ethan to me, and not Link.  Especially because this is going to be a different series, even if it is set in the same universe, and it would be nice to have someone who’s not Ethan to me.  At the same time, though, it’s hard to imagine anyone else narrating the series, so I have some mixed feelings about this.  

Overall, I really liked Dangerous Dream as well, and I can’t wait to read/listen to Dangerous Creatures. Dangerous Creatures gets 4 stars.

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