Book Review: Charade

Charade CoverBook: Charade by Cambria Hebert

Self-Published by Cambria Hebert|332 pages

Where I Got It: Nook Store

Series: Heven & Hell #2

Genre: YA Paranormal

You can find Charade on Goodreads|You can find Cambria Hebert on Twitter, Facebook and her website

Goodreads Summary: Dying at the hands of a psycho was a shock. Having my life returned to me by an angel was incredible.

Being named a Supernatural Treasure and being given Sam as my guard was pretty darn awesome. Acquiring a debt for it all—well, I should have seen it coming.

Now here we are, fighting demons from Hell, caring for a boy that I just don’t trust, and traveling to faraway places to return a treasure to its rightful place. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone wears a mask; everyone puts on a charade. It’s up to us to separate the truth from the lies and reality from fiction. A hard task when my new reality involves fallen angels, witches and dragons… and did I mention Hell?

Anchoring me down through it all is Sam. Sam, who must face tragedies of his own and is put to the test again and again.

If we fail in our task, life as we know it—life as you know it—will end. Forever.

There was so much I didn’t expect from Charade, but I really liked it!  Things are not what they seem, and it made Charade a really fun read!

Just when I thought I knew what was going on, Hebert would do something that would completely take me off guard and remind me that I really have no clue what is going on.  There were definitely a few parts I should have seen coming, and while there times when something was off, I could never quite figure out why…because my theories tended to be smashed to bits.  There was so much mystery, and I loved that I didn’t quite know what was going on.

Trouble abounds for Sam and Heven, and that trouble comes in several different ways, none of which I want to reveal, because that will definitely be giving something away!  They do go to Rome to put the map in its rightful place, and of course, things go terribly, terribly wrong.  So I’m hoping things will go back to normal in the next book.  Because I don’t think I’ll be happy if they don’t.

I really liked seeing Sam and Heven narrate the book, and they often took turns narrating in the same chapter.  It worked really well, and they both had their own voice and their own stories, and it was nice to see what things were like for the two of them. I do wish they got to spend a little more time in Rome, because that part of the book went really fast!

I really like Heven, and already, Heven’s changed quite a bit!  I really liked her in this book, and I just love her grandma.  I’m still not a fan of her mom or Kimber, which is still kind of warranted in this book.  I’m actually neutral about Sam, but I did like how he was protective of Heven and how he wanted to take care of his brother Logan.  Logan, by the way, was really annoying throughout the book…but I totally understand why he was acting like a brat for pretty much the entire book.

Final Thoughts:

I really liked Charade, and how nothing is what it seems!  Just when I thought I had everything figured out, I was proven so wrong, and I liked that I was kept guessing.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Charade gets 4 stars.

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