Guess Who’s A Winner?

I just realized that I’ve never talked about doing NaNo this year!  I know I’ve done it in years past, but for some reason, it just slipped my mind this year!


So, my idea was to write a YA contemporary novel set during the summer, at the beach.  The main character, Seraphina, and her family learn of an abandoned beach house in the town they’re staying in, and she and her dad try to solve the mystery of the abandoned house.

I only went in with a really vague idea of what I wanted to do and who my characters were, and of course, I got really bored and was pretty uninterested in my novel.

This is why I like having two novels, so I can go back and forth if one isn’t working.

Cue a pretty cool idea by way of Mike, in which I would write a medieval historical mystery about an investigator trying to figure out a line of succession, as the heir died in war.  The catch being that it couldn’t be YA, since that is totally my comfort zone.  I got about 400 or so words into that one before inspiration hit for the YA beach novel, and I stuck with that novel long enough to win.

This, however, was a lesson that I really need to write something I’m interested in.  Not that I wasn’t interested in writing a YA contemporary set during the summer, because I love the idea.  I just don’t think I found the right idea for that genre.  Still, I managed to stick with it, because not writing 50k…it’s not an option.  But I do have an idea that’s been fermenting for a while, and I’ve already done a little planning for it.  I have the feeling I may need to do some preliminary research, which may be fruitless if the random 5 minutes of googling I did earlier is any indication of useful info I need. However…this is actually a case where I think making up my own thing will prove to be useful.

Oh, my winning word count is 50,182!  But I’m hoping to get a little more writing done, and see if I can make it the teensiest bit higher.  Or maybe I’ll just do some planning for this idea in my head. Still, it was a great November, and I know I’ll miss it when it’s over.


3 thoughts on “Guess Who’s A Winner?

  1. yay, congrats!!! i signed up this year, but managed to write exactly 0 words. Didn’t figure I’d win this year (had something really big going on this month :D) but I thought I’d at least get *something* done!

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