Gilmore Girls: Season One Wrap-Up

I can’t believe I’m finished with Season One of Gilmore Girls already!  Season Two will begin next week, but for today, I thought I’d share some of my general thoughts on Season One.

It’s definitely been a learning experience, and I’m definitely trying to include more of my thoughts on the show.  I’ve also learned that writing the posts on each episode are a lot easier when I take notes and then write the episode, instead of writing the post as I watch the episode.  The one thing I still struggle with is not including spoilers for future seasons.  Clearly, I have spoilers for each episode, but the hard part is when I see something that’s important in later seasons.  Believe me when I say that I’ve noticed quite a few things in season one that I never realized were mentioned so early on!  If I do include spoilers for future seasons, I’ll definitely put up spoiler alerts.  It will definitely be kept to a minimum.

So…season one had 21 episodes.  The lowest rated episodes were Episodes 8 (Love & Snow & War) and 18 (The Third Lorelei), which got 2 mugs of coffee.  And Episode 15 (Christopher Returns) got 5 mugs of coffee.  I think those were my least favorite and favorite episodes.

In general, I liked Season One.  I just love the town events and the very strange people that live in Stars Hollow.  I’m so glad we get to see town events!  And I love that the show is about mother-daughter relationships, and how there are so many different relationships.  A lot of times, Friday night dinners are funny, but I think they also show how different Lorelei is from her parents.

Re-watching this season, I realized that Rory is a bit too perfect.  I’m not completely sure if she falls into Mary Sue territory, but she does have a few Mary Sue tendencies.  As much as I like Rory, and as much as I love that she’s smart and loves to read, I kinda thought she’s a bit too unbelievable at times.  Seriously, how many 16 years-old read classics willingly?  I suppose it’s possible, and it is a t.v. show after all.  You really have to love the magic and logic of t.v. sometimes.

But I also think it’s partly in contrast to Lorelei.  Lorelei getting pregnant at 16, not wanting to get married, and leaving home to work as a maid and live in a tool shed is pretty well-known, and we definitely know that Lorelei’s a disappointment and made some mistakes. So, you have to wonder if Rory being this amazingly smart, nice person that almost everyone loves and who doesn’t do anything wrong is a way of showing how different she is from her mother, and to show how different their relationship is from the one Lorelei and Emily have.  We only get bits and pieces of what happened when Lorelei was pregnant, and we continue to get bits and pieces of her relationship with her throughout the series.  I can’t remember how much we get from Emily and Richard’s perspective, but in comparison to Lorelei’s side of what happened, it’s definitely not a lot.  I may have to pay more attention to that.

I certainly can’t pass up talking about their love interests.  Lorelei first…her and Max!  Thinking about it now, I’m not completely sold on her and Max.  They just seem too different to completely work.  And that goes for Rory and Dean too.  I’m not the biggest fan of Dean, and there are times when I think he’s a jerk.  But there are a few times when I feel a little bad for Dean too.

I’m generally not one for nit-picking but there are some things I thought were strange.  I already mentioned Rory being kind of perfect, but it also seems like her only friends are Lane, Lorelei and Sookie.  It’s possible she has other friends we never hear about, but still weird.  The more likely possibility is that the cast is already a pretty big cast, and so the powers that be didn’t want to add more people to the cast.  But you’d think they’d at least mention other friends, even if they don’t make an appearance.  And Stars Hollow High and Chilton are certainly interesting schools, if they have majors and open up classrooms for students on weekends to work on a group project.

Overall, I did like season one, which had overall rating of 3.29.  I’m really looking forward to watching season 2.

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