GG 1 x 16: Star-Crossed Lovers And Other Strangers

Star-Crossed Lovers And Other Strangers originally aired March 8, 2001.  The teleplay was by John Stephens and Linda Loiselle Guzik while the story was by Joan Binder Weiss.  This episode was directed by Lesli Linka Glatter.

Brief Overview: We see the preparations for the upcoming Founder’s Firelight Festival, and almost everyone in town is in love.  Lorelei deals with her mother’s matchmaking while Dean and Rory call it quits.

We start with the prep for the festival, and Miss Patty is telling some kids the story of how the Firelight Festival came to be.

From there, we see Dean waiting at the bus stop for Rory.  He asks Rory if she can get out of Friday night dinner, because he wants to celebrate their 3-month anniversary.  Later on, Lorelei talks to Emily about letting Rory get out of dinner for one night, which Emily agrees to.  She doesn’t let Lorelei out of dinner.

Then we’re at Chilton. where Paris and Rory can’t get to their lockers because Tristan is making out with someone in front of their lockers.  I’m wondering, is this a movie and t.v. thing?  Because this never happened to me, and I honestly don’t remember ever seeing this happening.

Meanwhile, Lorelei is annoyed with everyone being in love and acting all couple-y at the inn.  She ends up going to Luke’s for some coffee, and almost gets taken out by a huge star.

Patty and Taylor argue about the Firelight Festival, and Lorelei loudly wonders if people can talk about something other than the festival.  So, Lorelei is definitely not happy that love is in the air.  She suggests that to Luke that the next day, they should hate people who say, “hey, how’s it going?”  Naturally, Luke’s ex-girlfriend Rachel walks in and says “hey, how’s it going?”

We go on to Lorelei helping Rory get ready for her date, and is all worked up because she made an idiot out of herself in front of Rachel.

Lorelei goes to Friday night dinner, sits awkwardly on the couch while Richard read the newspaper.  The doorbell rings, and we learn it’s the son of a friend of Emily’s.  Conveniently, he just happened to be in the area.  But it’s really Emily trying to set Lorelei up with someone suitable, because Emily doesn’t think Lorelei can get a guy on her own.

We see a little bit of Dean and Rory’s date and the beginning of the Firelight festival.  What I find interesting is that we only see the mayor a handful of times, and I believe all of those times are in the first season.  I don’t know if showing the mayor got to be too much, because the cast of Gilmore Girls is pretty big.  And Taylor goes on to fill that role pretty well, so it’s not like we need to see the mayor anyway.  The matches to light the bonfire can’t be found, which happens every year I think the Firelight Festival is the only town event- other than town meetings- that we see more than once.

Lorelei ends up leaving Friday night dinner through the balcony, because Chase is really boring, and Richard finds her trying to leave.  He covers for her, and tells Emily that he couldn’t find her.

Rory and Dean leave the festival (because it’ll take a while for the bonfire to be lit) and they go to this junkyard.  Dean is building Rory a car, and tells her he loves her.  Rory doesn’t say anything for a minute, and then says she loves the car.  She needs to process it, and Dean, naturally, is not happy that he said it, and she’s not saying it back.  She keeps repeating that she needs to think about it, but Dean tells her that it’s not something you think about or make a pro-con list about.

Here’s the thing.  I get why Dean is upset- you tell someone that you love them and they don’t say it back, and then you’re feeling all stupid for putting it out there.  But saying it can be hard…and is it really a surprise that Rory needs some time?  I mean, saying it isn’t easy, so you’d think he’d be more understanding of that.  She’s confused, and it’s a big deal for her, and she wants him to understand where she’s coming from.  He breaks up with her and takes her home.  This just really makes me not like Dean.  I get it’s hard, but to break up with someone because they don’t say I love you right away…Rory’s better off without a guy who will dump her just because she doesn’t say it right back.

Lorelei goes to the festival and runs into Luke.  She goes home and learns that Rory and Dean broke up.

Pop culture: Tolstoy

Favorite line/scene: The story of the firelight festival

Miss Patty, to kids: “Who wants to about the time I danced in a cage for Tito Puente?”

Kids: “Me!”

Final thoughts: This was an interesting episode.  I did not like Dean in this episode, which should be obvious by now.  It sets up a few things that will carry us to the season finale.  It was a really good episode, and it gets 4 mugs of coffee.


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