GG 1 x 12: Double Date

Double Date originally aired January 18, 2001.  It was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Lev L. Spiro.

In Double Date, Lorelei goes on a double date with Sookie and Jackson, and ends up with a horribly rude blind date!  Lane goes on a double date, and gets in serious trouble with her mom.

We open with Lorelei and Rory’s morning routine.  From there, we see Lane asking Rory to set up her and Dean’s friend Todd, who is the current love of her life.  Lane’s love life (or lack thereof) is always entertaining.

Things are awkward between Sookie and Jackson, and we see that she never did anything after asking Jackson if he wanted to go out sometime.  She finally sets up a date…and it’s a double date, because Jackson’s cousin Roon is in town, and it never occurred to Sookie to reschedule the date.  Sookie is kinda clueless at times, but it is kind of endearing.

Dean and Rory set up the date with Lane and Todd.  I have to say, watching Rory talk to Dean about setting up Lane and Todd…it was a hard scene to watch.  Rory’s so eager and persistent, but for some reason, Rory was really annoying in this scene.

We move on to date night, and Sookie’s nervous.  Lorelei’s helping her get ready, and Rory and Lane are getting ready for their night, all while trying to figure out what to tell Lorelei.

Meeting Roon was interesting.  He’s not happy about being set up with Lorelei, mostly because she’s tall…I was amused by his issue with her height.  As someone who’s not quite 5 feet tall, it’s nice when there’s someone tall, because they can get things off the top shelf.  Then again, it could be different for guys.

Sookie’s chattering away nervously, and the dinner really isn’t going well.  I vaguely remember Jackson looking a little bored, Roon is still annoyed he has to be there with Lorelei, and Lorelei is trying to get Sookie to talk to Jackson instead of her.

Meanwhile, Lane’s date with Todd isn’t going well either.  She realizes that he’s not her soulmate.  I seriously want to know more about these Connecticut schools!  Todd is majoring in gym…in high school!  I know it’s a fictional town, on a t.v. show…but that is one nice public high school if they have majors.  Did the writers not notice this or something?  I just think it’s weird.  But whatever.  I’ll go with it.

Lorelei, Sookie, Jackson and Roon leave the restaurant they’re at, and go to Luke’s instead.  Roon leaves, and wants Jackson to go with him, but Jackson ends up staying with Sookie.  Luke plays cards (poker, I think) with Lorelei so that she’s not alone.  Mrs. Kim comes in, looking for Lane, and that’s when they realize Rory and Lane weren’t completely honest with them.  They all go home, and Lane gets grounded, while Lorelei just talks to Rory about what happened.

Later, Lorelei talks to Mrs. Kim about how Lane’s a good kid, and to ease up a little.  You really see how differently they parent their kids, but you also see that they want the best for their kids and for them to be safe.  Mrs. Kim is one of my favorite characters on the show, and while strict now, she does become a lot cooler later on in the series.  We see that Lane can go in the front yard, as long as she stands behind the sign in the front yard.

Favorite scenes: Lorelei not wanting to study; anything with Michel is great

Pop Culture: Yoko Ono breaking up the Beatles, Sylvia Plath’s autobiography

Final thoughts: I liked seeing the start of Jackson and Sookie’s relationship.  I love Mrs. Kim, and she always makes me laugh, but she really is a great character.  It was a fun episode, and it got quite a few giggles.  It was fun, and I liked it!  It gets 3.5 mugs of coffee!

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