GG 1 x 4: The Deer-Hunters

The Deer-Hunters originally aired October 26, 2000.  It was written by Jed Seidel and was directed by Alan Myerson.

In this episode, a deer hits Lorelei’s car while Rory drives to Chilton.  It causes her to miss a Shakespeare exam, which could have disastrous consequences for her GPA.

This is one of the more memorable episodes of Gilmore Girls…all because of a deer.

We start off with Rory shopping for school supplies.  Rory needs serious school supplies, because she’s going to a serious school.  Lorelei, of course, has to make fun of Rory for this.

Rory gets a bad grade on an essay, and starts worrying about her Shakespeare test.  She, of course, gets shit from Paris.  From there, we go to the Independence Inn, where Lorelei reads a review about the restaraunt at the inn.  I love Sookie’s reaction to her magic risotto being described as just fine.

I just love Mrs. Kim.  Every time I see her, I can’t help but laugh.  The way she says things just cracks me up.  And Drella playing Black Sabbath (I think).  Very funny.

We meet Max Medina, one of Rory’s teachers, at a parent-teacher meeting.  I like Max, and I’m glad he sticks around for a while.  This is when Lorelei finds out Rory got a bad grade on an essay, and Rory’s behavior afterwards makes much more sense to Lorelei.

No episode is complete without going to Luke’s.  Rory’s studying, and Luke feeds her.  They talk about Rory’s essay and how humiliated she felt.  Rory doubts herself and her ability to catch up at Chilton.

Sookie has Lorelei taste-test several different risottos and is totally freaking out.  It’s nothing unusual from Sookie.  She even talks to one of the waiters, trying to figure out what happened.

Lorelei helps Rory study, and she eventually falls asleep while studying.  She wakes up late, drives to school…and on her way, a deer hits her.  She doesn’t hit the deer, it hits her while she’s at a stop sign talking to Lane.  She arrives late for her Shakespeare test and isn’t allowed to take it.  She has a melt-down in class, yells at Paris and Tristan, and gets sent to the principal’s office.

Back at the Inn, Sookie discovers that the restaraunt critic ordered the wrong wine with the risotto.  Lorelei goes to Chilton to talk to Headmaster Charleston and Mr. Medina and has a freak-0ut of her own.  Headmaster Charleston refuses to change the rules and says that if Rory can’t handle the pressure, she shouldn’t be at Chilton.

Sookie goes to the critic’s house to serve him the risotto with the proper wine.

Rory and Lorelei talk about Rory’s future at Chilton while looking for the deer, and Rory decides to stay at Chilton.  Max calls and leaves a message for Rory saying that there is an extra credit opportunity for Rory that will make up for missing the test.

Pop culture references: Black Sabbath, B-52’s, Saved By The Bell, Flash Dance

Favorite lines and scenes: Rory and her multiple trips to get all her stuff off of the bus.

Rory and Lane playing Marco Polo at Kim’s Antique’s so Rory can find Lane.

Rory, to Tristan: “And the name is RORY.”

Final Thoughts: I like this episode.  It’s the whole getting hit by a deer, but everyone thinking she hit a deer that makes it memorable.  Rory’s still adjusting to Chilton, but I think she feels better about attending by the end of the episode.

The Deer-Hunters gets 3 mugs of coffee.

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