How’s Camp Going?

So, June is almost over and I haven’t talked about Camp since I blogged about how I was going to do Camp NaNo.  There is a reason why I haven’t talked about it.

And that’s because I only wrote a few hundred words earlier this month.  So…Camp hasn’t been happening.  Perhaps I’ll give it a go in August, which should give me some time to come up with an idea and characters in everything.  Which reminds me…I should probably figure out what I’m going to write in November.  Before October would be preferable.  But with the way I procrastinate, I’ll probably figure it out in October.

I know I want to try my mermaid idea again, but I’ll definitely have to change it a bit from last year.  Especially now that I’ve read a lot more YA, and feel more comfortable actually writing something YA and paranormal.

Maybe I could work on NaNo during Camp NaNo?  Like work on a different character every or specific thing every day?  Oh, who am I kidding, I’m more of a pantser than anything else.  But maybe it’s worth a try…for once.

It should be fun, and I’ll definitely be talking about any progress I make.

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