Random Thoughts

I feel a little random today, so I’m sharing some of my random thoughts.

  • I got the most random piece of mail yesterday.  Somehow, I ended up on the mailing list for The Scooter Store.  Laughter and amusement ensued.
  • I’m super excited about Brave!  One more week!
  • I feel like re-reading The Baby Sitter’s Club.  The first 8 should be easy to get, because they’re available in the Nook store.  I’d have to track down the other books and various spin-offs, and that might be a little more difficult.  But do I really want to commit to re-reading it?  Maybe I should read the first 8 and go from there.
  • Speaking of books, I’d love to revisit a lot of books I read when I was a kid.  But there are so many books in my TBR pile that I feel slightly overwhelmed by doing a little bit of retro reading.
  • And another random book thought:  Last weekend, I sorted the books I read last year, and the ones I’ve read this year by author.  I’m kind of amazed at the number of books I’ve read (which really should be a topic for another day) but what was even more amazing was that I tend to read a lot of different authors.  I really should count the number of series I’ve “started.”
  • Game Of Thrones: I’ve only seen half of the pilot episode, but I already like it!  It’s one of the very few times I’ve thought it would be better off as a t.v. show than a book.  Actually, it’s one of two times I’ve thought that.  I think I’ll keep watching it.

I think I’m out of random thoughts.  At least for now, but I’m sure the randomness will continue.

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