Random Music Time!

I feel like talking about random music I’ve been listening too…mostly wizard rock, but a few other things too.

I haven’t listened to a lot of wizard rock lately, but a few weeks ago, I got a few songs from The Weasel King.  At first, I didn’t realize The Weasel King was a wizard rocker, but once I listened a little more closely, I found that his music was indeed about Harry Potter.  He kind of reminds me of Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls, in that it’s not obvious at first that the music is about Harry Potter.

I also got a couple songs from The Blibbering Humdingers.  Dobby, Bang Your Head is absolutely hysterical, and No Shame In Hufflepuff is pretty funny too.

Speaking of funny, I somehow stumbled across an album by Hank Green, who is the brother of John Green.  John Green, of course, is a YA writer- and I can’t wait until I can finally pick up Waiting For Alaska.  But Hank apparently comes up with random songs, like This Is Not Harry Potter (a great song, by the way, and so true).  I currently have an iTunes giftcard, so I may have to spend part of it on a Hank Green album.

Speaking of iTunes!  I have so many albums on my wishlist that I’m just staring it, figuring out what to buy.  It’s great when I’m tired of my own music collection, and want something new, but then again, it makes it hard to figure out what I’m in the mood for.

Random Thought: Listening to movie scores when doing anything makes that thing seem so much more epic and dramatic.  I don’t have enough movie scores.

So…this is what’s going on music-wise (at least right now).  I’ll be back with other random stuff throughout the week, including a top 10 list tomorrow!

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