I don’t normally watch the Grammy’s but given the fact that I didn’t really listen to any music over the last week, and had no idea what to talk about, music or podcast wise, I figured I’d watch part of it.  I am sad about Whitney Houston dying, because she was so talented!

I only saw bits and pieces of most of it, since I was going back and forth between the Grammy’s and other stuff.

Here are my random thoughts:

  • Marc Anthony presenting best rap performance was a little odd, but I guess it doesn’t really matters who the presenters are.
  • loved Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean’s performance.  And the set was cool- there was something very steampunk about it.
  • didn’t like Rihanna’s performance with Chris Martin
  • I’m not sure who performed right after that, but I loved it.  Was it OneRepublic, because something of that performance (and the song) reminded me of them.
  • Loved Pauley Perrette as a presenter for best rock performance.  And I loved her dress.
  • I can totally see Maroon 5 covering the Beach Boys. and performing with them.
  • has Ryan Seacrest ever hosted the Grammys?  If not, then that is very surprising.
  • I loved Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.
  • It’s been years since I’ve watched the Grammys but it seems more concert than award show.  Granted, it is honoring music…but seriously.  Where are all the awards?  Probably in the 2 hours I was flipping back and forth between other shows.
  • Chris Brown twice?  Did they have a hard time coming up with performers or something?
  • Not surprised Adele won for song of the year.  But considering that no one else stood a chance in a category that has Adele nominated…
  • Would it be weird to say that Katy Perry had on a lot more clothes than I expected?  Her performance was a little strange.
  • Not surprised that Lady Antebellum, but I am slightly surprised that Taylor Swift didn’t win.  It would’ve been cool if Blake Shelton won since his wife was presenting.

And it was at that point I stopped watching because I was bored.  I suppose I should take a look at who won sometime today…

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