Camp Is Over

Yesterday, I finished camp!  I’m a winner, and I have mixed feelings about it being over.  I’m glad, because I’ve been writing a lot this summer, and I don’t know if I would have written much of anything otherwise.  I got some ideas out of my head, which narrowed down my list of ideas for November.  And I did get a lot of writing done, which is always good.  I’m relieved that it’s over, because of the writing I’ve done over the last couple months.  I like writing, don’t get me wrong, but writing everyday for two months…I’m not used to it.

It’ll be weird, not writing so much, but I’m going to need some of that energy for November, and now I can focus on side projects and planning plot bunnies.  I’m serious this time, I really am going to pick up the planning again, and I’ll do some writing.  Just not on the same level that I’ve been doing for the last couple months.  It’s like, Camp’s over, now what do I do?  Still, I liked going to Camp, and I proved (to myself, of course) that I can write at other times during the year, especially if I decide I’m going to do it.  But overall, it seems like I need some kind of event, like NaNo (the original NaNo) or a Camp NaNo, to do it.  Maybe I’ll try it at some random time and see if I can get to 50,000 words.  I certainly have enough ideas out there to do it.

I won with 50,282!  And here’s my winner icon, to prove I won:

I Won Camp NaNo In August!

That about wraps it up, I’ll be back tomorrow!

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