Just, You Know, Writing

I, of course, did some writing yesterday, and now that August is coming to a close, I’ve been trying to stay on target.  It’s working, and I’m definitely glossing over things at this point.  I don’t particularly care if I skip things over, because I’m skipping ahead to the action.  I’m throwing in more than a few placeholders in the event that I actually want to go back and edit this thing.

Doing NaNo two months in a row…it’s definitely different.  You think one NaNo, with 2 novels is hard, trying doing one novel two months in a row.  It’s a lot more exhausting doing it 2 months in a row, believe me.  I’m glad I got the 2 ideas out of my head, and I’m glad I did fanfiction both times.  I just wasn’t up to doing anything original, so I should be ready by November.  I’m ready for a break, and it’ll be nice working on my plot bunnies, which should be a lot easier to focus on because I won’t be focusing on writing…at least too much.

I’m at 40,367, and if I keep writing a couple hundred extra words, I’ll definitely finish early.  Finishing early is a slightly weird concept to me still, but it does happen every once in a while, and it’s a nice change from writing until an hour or two before midnight.  Plus, if I finish early, I don’t have to worry about something happening and not being able to get that wordcount in.  That’s, like, my biggest fear, so finishing early definitely minimizes that.

I’ll keep writing, and it’ll be fun crossing that finish line again.  And it’ll be a big relief too.

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