The Weasley Twins

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a character spotlight, so I’m focusing today’s spotlight on the Weasley twins.  You can’t talk about one without the other, so you’re getting a good look at two of my favorite characters.

The Weasley twins are the comic relief of the series, eventually opening their own joke shop after leaving Hogwarts.  I had to giggle in the Sorcerer’s Stone when they joked about sending a toilet seat to Ginny.  Their birthday is certainly fitting as they were born on April Fool’s day.  Sometimes it seems like April Fool’s day is everyday with these two around. 

The fact that they have their own drawer in Filch’s office shows the awesomeness that is the Weasley twins.  And their swamp was so epic that Flitwick left a small part of it in their honor.  And who can forget the whole “don’t worry about you-know-who because you should be worring about u-no-poo” thing was hilarious!

Fred dying was so sad- quite surprisingly, george survived.  I figured one of the weasley’s wouldn’t make it through the series, but assumed that if it were the twins, it would be both.  Also odd was George marrying Angelina, who I assume was dating Fred, although I don’t think it was ever mentioned in the books.  I’m justing going off of the fact that Fred and Angelina went to the Yule Ball together. 

It was always entertaining to see what practical jokes they’d pull, and it turned out that their joke shop was a very successful venture for them.  Like Harry said when he gave the winnings from the TriWizard tournament to the twins, everyone could use a bit of a laugh in such dark times.

On a quick side note: they were absolutely hilarious in the movies.

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