Book Talk: A Few Random Bookish Thoughts

Book Talk is a sporadic feature where I talk about bookish but non-book review things.

Book Talk

So, I’ve been pretty busy with all of the review round-up posts, and for some reason, random bookish thoughts started popping into my head, so I figured I’d share them.

  • Like, this book review round-up thing is working pretty well.  My reading funk is better, and it’s (mostly) back to normal.  I did try listening to an audio book, but I had trouble focusing on it, so I put it on hold, and I’ll get back to it when I’m able to focus on it, and follow the story.  I may be doing them for a while, or I might not be.  I really have no idea, but now that I’m all caught up on reviews, there won’t be as many of the round-ups.
  • I recently read Fairest, the new Lunar Chronicles novella, and it got me thinking about novellas.  I usually read them all after I finish a series.  I have no idea why I read them after reading the series, but that really seems to be the best time for me.  I don’t know that I have strong opinions either way, because I feel like I haven’t read enough of them to have strong feelings.
  • I’m not bothered by movie adaptation covers.  I get why people don’t like it, and that’s cool, but I don’t really care either way. Partly because of having an e-reader, and the cover isn’t super-important to me (but sometimes, I wish I had a print copy to really have the cover) and sometimes I just don’t care enough to pay attention to the cover.
  • Even after several years of book blogging, I still know nothing about publishing houses or imprints, and I really want to learn more about them.  It’s something I feel like I should know more about, but I don’t even know where to start.
  • I will never understand e-book pricing, and why some go as high as $14…even $16/$17.  I have no problem paying for e-books, but that’s definitely over what I’m willing to spend.  I’m just really not understanding how it works.  Like, at all.  And it seems like no matter how much I read about it, it gets more and more confusing.
  • I definitely need to be in the right mood for audio books.  I tried listening to Ruby Red last week but I found myself zoning out a lot, which is never good when you’re trying to follow a story.  Sometimes, the narrator doesn’t work for me, which is fine, because they might be totally awesome to someone else.  What I do feel bad about is when I don’t like the narrator’s voice- I mean, it’s not their fault, and I feel bad about not liking their voice, but it’s such an important part of the book, you know?
  • I’ve been reading quite a few e-books from the library, and I do not understand why I’ll be the 4th person waiting on 1 copy and get that way before the book where I’m 1st in line for 1 copy.
  • I keep telling myself I’m going to actually get books from audio book sync but I always forget to do it. This year I will do it.  And I should probably sign up for the reminder.

I know this is random and all over the place, but that’s kind of where my mind has been.  I hope everyone had an awesome weekend, and a great week!

Gilmore Girls Interlude: Required Reading

While there’s no new recap for this week (I promise to have one next week), I thought I’d talk about Rory’s reading habits.  I know sometimes I find Rory’s taste in books a little strange and sometimes unbelievable.  Again, what 10-year-old actually knows about The Fountainhead…and then tries to read it?

Generally speaking, I try NOT to judge people- fictional or real- on what they do/do not read.  It’s just not cool.  But Rory’s apparent love of books on the required reading list is a bit strange.  I totally admit to comparing my reading habits to that of a 16-year-old character on a t.v. show.  And while I didn’t start to read/like/appreciate some of the same books until a few years ago, I do think it’s cool that Rory loves to read and that it’s not what I’d expect from a 16-year-old.  At the very least, I don’t recall anyone in high school seeking out classics, but it wasn’t something that came up, so it’s entirely possible that I knew people who share Rory’s taste in books and I didn’t know about it.

I’m really rambling, aren’t I?  I suppose it’s time to get to the point of this *particular* post.

Recently, a friend passed along a link to someone who has a Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge going on.  I am intrigued with this, because it would be nice to read some of the books mentioned on the show.  And I keep telling myself that I’m going to branch out a little…and that I need to read more classics.  It’s definitely a good list for expanding my reading horizons.  I definitely don’t want to put a timetable on it, because that usually don’t work for me.  It’s an interesting list, and I’ve read a few.  I think there’s a few I won’t be reading, because I have zero interest or because I’ve tried to read but couldn’t finish.

I think it would be a fun project, but trying to figure out which one to start with…that’ll be hard.  Maybe I could put the titles of pieces of paper and randomly pick one!

Actually, I might just make it up as I go along.  It’s sort of my thing.  I’ll definitely share any progress…even those books I find myself unable to finish- and I’m sure there will be a few.

Happy reading!