Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional Places I Want To Go To

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Top Ten Fictional Places I Would Go To In A Heartbeat

One of my favorite things about reading is all of the traveling I get to do without actually having to go anywhere.  Some places, though, have really stuck with me, and I would give anything to go to the following places.

  1. Hogwarts/The Wizarding World.  This is my top choice, and I’m still convinced my Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail.  I’d love to go to Hogwarts and learn magic.
  2. Narnia.  When I was little, I always thought my closet would lead to Narnia, but sadly, it never did.  Maybe I need to check again…
  3. Middle Earth.  Weird stuff with Sauron aside, I’d definitely like to visit Middle Earth.
  4. Stars Hollow.  I know Gilmore Girls is a t.v. show, but it is still one of my favorite fictional places, and I always wished I lived in a world where Luke, Miss Patty and Kirk are real people.
  5. Night Vale.  Ever since I started listening to Welcome To Night Vale, I’ve fallen in love with that weird desert town.  There are Night Vale books as well, and it really makes me want to live there, even though I’d have to watch out for the Dog Park, the hooded figures, and Street Cleaning day.
  6. The Night Circus.  This book is magical, and I’d love to actually see the Night Circus.
  7. Morganville.  I know weird things always happen here, and there are vampires but still.  I always wanted to know what it was like to at least visit Morganville.  Then again, people always seem to end up staying…
  8. The Invisible Library.  This series is a cool one, but I like the idea of a library that takes you to all of these alternate worlds.
  9. The world of Wintersong.  This book is one of my favorites of the year, and I absolutely loved the world.  Parts of it are a little scary, sure, but overall, I love the world enough to want to go back to it.
  10. The world of Hunted by Megan Spooner.  I finished this book recently, and while this is a cold, dark world, there is still part of me that wants to live there.

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