Top Ten Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Freebie

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Top Ten Books To Read For Valentine’s Day

I can’t believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I don’t have any big plans (like, no plans whatsoever) but maybe I should read one of the books on my list!

  1. Anna And The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is the first book I thought of!  Seriously, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!
  2. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  I don’t know why I thought of this one, but I did.  Maybe it’s because Lena and Ethan go through so much to be together.
  3. Ink And Bone by Rachel Caine.  This one is a great book for book lovers, and while it’s not a…more traditional choice, I still think it’s a good Valentine’s day read.
  4. Ash by Malinda Lo.  I just love this Cinderella re-telling.  It’s completely amazing!
  5. Isla And The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins.  I couldn’t decided between this one and Anna, so I decided to go with both.  Also, it’s just perfect for Valentine’s Day!
  6. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han.  It’s a cute read, and there’s something romantic about writing love letters to boys you’ve had huge crushes on.
  7. Anew by Chelsea Fine.  There is a very old, long-running romance in this paranormal series, and somehow, it fits perfectly for a Valentine’s Day read.
  8. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han.  There is such a cute romance in the book, and there were times when I couldn’t make up my mind about who I wanted Belly to end up with.
  9. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  If you want your heart ripped to shreds this Valentine’s Day, this is probably the book for you.
  10. Harry Potter.  No reason, other than I feel like it.  Harry Potter is perfect for any occasion.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Freebie

  1. i love that you included both Anna and Isla. Both reads are just cute and perfect for valentine’s day in all their sappy adorableness! I still haven’t read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before but it sounds cute and will probably make it’s way into my TBR now so thanks 🙂

    • Ink and Bone is such a cool book! it’s steampunk and what would have happened if the great library of alexandria had survived, but personally owning books is also banned, and it’s really different but also cool.

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