Nail Polish Talk: December 2015 And The 2015 Year-End Wrap-Up

Nail Polish Talk is a once-a-month feature where I talk about all things nail polish!

Nail Polish Project- December 2015 Collage

The Week Of December 6: Ilga & Zelda, both by Julep

Ilga is a really pretty red that’s good for Halloween & Christmas!  It’s dark but not vampy.  And Zelda is such a pretty gold!  I need to wear it more often.  It’s perfect for Christmas/New Years and special occasions.

The Week Of December 13: Sienna & Cheyenne, both by Julep

Sienna is another pretty gold, and when I saw it, I instantly thought of it as a classic kind of gold.  Cheyenne is a pretty red, and great for Christmas. It’s one of Julep’s matte metallics, but I thought it was more chrome then metallic.  Maybe it’s because it’s matte and metallic?  Either way, it’s pretty.

The Week Of December 20: Priscilla by Julep & Scarlett by Nicole by OPI

Priscilla is a pretty emerald green, but I found that it chipped really easy- to the point that part of it pretty much peeled off.  It also has really good coverage, which you don’t usually get from glitter polishes.  Scarlett is a pretty red (and like the others, it’s perfect for Christmas), but like Priscilla, it chipped pretty fast, and I ended up taking both off and re-doing them after 3 or 4 days.  I was crocheting a lot, and washing my hands a little more than normal, so that might have contributed to both colors chipping really easy.

The Week Of December 27: Missy & Beatrice, both by Julep

Missy is such a beautiful silver!  I was reminded of stainless steel and platinum every single time I looked at my nails, and I already want to wear Missy again!  I also wore Beatrice, which was a beautiful gold, and it’s classic (it sort of reminded me of Sienna in that sense).  It’s also a really good neutral color.

Maven Box:

I got Cheyenne, Beatrice and Everly.  I already talked about Cheyenne and Beatrice, and I’ll be sure to talk about Everly when I wear it.  It reminds me of Priscilla, but red.  That’s how it looks from the bottle.

Maven- Dec 2015 Collage

Left To Right: Add-Ons: Darby, Shawn, Katie, Sawyer, Maven Box: Cheyenne, Beatrice, Everly

I also got Darby, Shawn, Katie and Sawyer as add-ons.  Darby for sure is an add-on, and I also got 2 mystery polishes, plus a random polish for getting 3 add-ons.  Other than Darby, I’m not sure which is which, but they all look pretty, and I can’t wait to wear them all!

2015 Wrap-Up:

Wearing a different bottle of nail polish was a really fun project, and I’m glad I did it!  I’m such a nail polish person, and when I started this project, it was to work my way through some of the nail polish I had and never wore.  I wore a lot of Julep, but that’s not surprising, considering I get their maven box. I also got the Maven box a lot more than I thought I did.  I did find that as the year went on, I had to look at the spreadsheet I was keeping to make sure I didn’t repeat a color.  And I also found that as the year went on, I did become more open to wearing colors I wouldn’t normally have picked for myself.  Like Ilga, I wouldn’t have worn that at the beginning of the year, but I’m glad I did, because I ended up really liking it.

As for this year?  I’ll definitely keep it going!  I might repeat some colors (mostly around holidays) but overall, I’m planning on not repeating colors.

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