Book Review: Dangerous Deception by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Dangerous Deception CoverBook: Dangerous Deception by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, narrated by Kevin Collins & Khristine Hvam

Published May 2015 by Hachette Audio|8 hours, 27 minutes

Where I Got It: I got the audio book from

Series: Dangerous Creatures #2

Genre: YA Paranormal

Blog Graphic-What It's About

From the world of Beautiful Creatures–a dangerous new tale of love and magic continues in the sequel to Dangerous Creatures.

Love is ten kinds a crazy, right?
Let me put it to you this way: If you can get away, run. Don’t walk.
Because once you’re exposed, you’ll never get a Siren outta your head.

Some loves are cursed. Others are…dangerous. Especially the love between wannabe rocker and quarter Incubus, Wesley “Link” Lincoln, and Dark Caster, Siren, and bonafide bad girl, Ridley Duchannes.

But now Ridley is missing, and Link was with her-right up until she vanished. Determined to find her, Link reunites with his New York bandmates and the mysterious Lennox Gates, who wants Rid for himself. Together they travel to the deep south, find the crossroads where blues guitarist Robert Johnson made his deal with the devil, discover a menagerie of Casters locked in cages, and uncover an evil in New Orleans that threatens to destroy them all.

This time, love might not be enough.

Blog Graphic- What I Thought

I really liked Dangerous Creatures!  It really makes me want to know what happens next.

Dangerous Deception picks up right where Dangerous Creatures left off, with the car accident, and Ridley missing, and everyone else trying to find her.  I liked that we had Ridley, Link and Lennox narrate the book, because we saw what was going with Link and Lennox trying to find Ridley, and what was going on with Ridley.

We didn’t need a recap, because you did get little bits and pieces of what happened in the previous book.  I was really surprised by the appearances of Amma, John and Liv, and it was really nice to see them.  No Ethan or Lena, but I’m oddly okay with that.  John and Liv’s appearance actually makes a lot of sense, given John’s past, how smart Liv is, and what’s currently going on.  There was still part of me that wished I had listened to Dangerous Creatures and Dream Dark (the prequel novella) just for a quick refresher (and maybe even Beautiful Creatures), but I don’t think it’s super-necessary.

Things in the caster world are a lot more interesting than I ever expected.  We are getting further and further in this Caster world, and we are most certainly seeing the dark side of this world.  I love that we’re seeing parts of the Caster world we never saw in Beautiful Creatures (BC)…which brings me to something that came up in Dangerous Deception. It came up that when Lena broke the order of things in BC, she really broke things.  It gave you an idea of how much things were broken in BC, and what happened elsewhere.  I’m still really curious about what things were like, but at least we get a glimpse of what had happened.

And everything with Silas and the experiments!  I can’t even wrap my mind around that, and yet I want to know more.

Of course, we can’t forget about the ending.  I was not expecting that ending!  It’s interesting, because there was something about this book that seemed really…resolved.  I’m trying to figure out if there’s even going to be a third book, because I can’t find any info on a third book- I don’t know if it’s because that information’s not available yet or if it’s because there isn’t going to be a third book. There is something about it where I’d be fine if it ended with this one, and yet there’s also enough there for another couple of books.

Ridley!  I felt for her, and everything that happened to her broke my heart, especially the ending.  As much as I wanted things to go differently, and for Ridley to make a different choice, I also understand why she made the choice she did.

I really liked Khristine Hvam and Kevin Collins!  I really need to see what else they’ve narrated, because I really like them!  As much as I like Kevin Collins, though, I’m also a little conflicted, because for me, he’s Ethan, and I’m still having a little trouble seeing him as Link or Lennox (but mostly Link).  But at the same time, I can’t picture anyone else narrating a Beautiful Creatures/Dangerous Creatures book.

Blog Graphic- My Rating

4 stars.  I didn’t love it but Ridley broke my heart in this book, and I loved how we keep seeing all of these different sides to the Caster world.

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