Currently Obsessed With Interlude #3: The Article Edition #2

In my last Currently Obsessed With post, I said I was going to do a separate post for all of the articles I’ve come across because I couldn’t make up my mind about which ones I wanted to share.  So this is said post!

Before I get started, I thought I’d share how I pick out the articles I share.  Throughout the month, I bookmark (or star in my bloglovin’ feed) different articles and blog posts I come across.  Once it’s time to do my currently obsessed with post, I pick the handful that were super interesting to me.

And last month, I found that I came across quite a few things I wanted to share!  So here they are…

  1. A Banned Books Infographic by the Huffington Post.  I found that the map showing the number of challenges each state had to be particularly interesting.  I hate to say it, but it’s not surprising (to me) that Texas had the highest number, and quite honestly, I expected the south and midwest to have more challenges than the rest of the country.  I know it’s horrible to stereotype entire regions of the country and that I shouldn’t do it, but still…I was definitely surprised and intrigued.
  2. I have one major issue with this article about why reading is a good way to spend time.  Notably, that reading is learning. It just frustrates me that it seems implied that reading is the only way to learn.  There are other ways to learn things besides reading.  Also, you can be curious about the world and not be a reader.  You can also be comfortable on your own and not be a reader.  Also, you can be intelligent and not be a reader, because I feel like like there are different kinds of intelligence.  Now that I’m done with my mini-rant, I do like that it’s about why reading is awesome.
  3. Back to banned books, I love this post over at Book Riot about Banned Books Week.  I never thought about it like that, and to be honest, I always forget about it until it’s over.
  4. Also: Diversity In YA has an interesting post about diversity and book challenges.  I have no thoughts on this one, but it’s still interesting to check out.
  5. Speaking of diversity, I love this blog post about authenticity and diversity in literature.  Diversity in the book world really is a topic in and of itself, but this post in particular struck a chord with me.  I don’t read as diversely as I should, and I wouldn’t even know where to start (but Diversity In YA will likely be a big help and a good resource).
  6. This article over at The Guardian about how young adult novels speak to people whereas adult novels don’t really frustrates me!  As much as I love young adult (I mean, most of what I read is YA, after all), it doesn’t mean adult books don’t speak to people.  I definitely feel like the author of that post is making assumptions about adult books the way that some people make assumptions about YA.  But it’s still worth checking out, especially with recent articles about how reading YA is something to be ashamed of.
  7. This is a really interesting interview about how Harry Potter, Twilight and 50 Shades have influenced the lives of several young women.
  8. A million times yes to this blog post about strong women.  This is another one that could fill goodness knows how many posts, but I agree that all kinds of women are strong and have stories that need to be told- and that certain stories aren’t better than others just because a female character has characteristics we don’t like.
  9. And a final- but completely fun and awesome note- I LOVE this article about the stall that lived.  It totally made my day when I read it.

2 thoughts on “Currently Obsessed With Interlude #3: The Article Edition #2

  1. Thanks for linking to my diversity post. I know that listening to the conversations in the bookish sphere sometimes raise more questions than provide answers but I think that it’s good to think and talk about! I don’t read many YA books but I know there are many diverse YA books out there. One that I’ve seen a lot about lately is Ash–a retelling of Cinderella.

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