Audio Book Review: The Naturals

The Naturals CoverBook: The Naturals by Jennifer Lynne Barnes, Narrated by Amber Faith

Published November 2013 by Listening Library|Run Time: 7 hours, 28 minutes

Where I Got It:

Series: The Naturals #1

Genre: YA Paranormal Thriller

You can find The Naturals on goodreads and Jennifer Lynn Barnes on Twitter, tumblr, and her website

Goodreads Summary: 

Seventeen-year-old Cassie is a natural at reading people. Piecing together the tiniest details, she can tell you who you are and what you want. But, it’s not a skill that she’s ever taken seriously. That is, until the FBI come knocking: they’ve begun a classified program that uses exceptional teenagers to crack infamous cold cases, and they need Cassie. 

What Cassie doesn’t realize is that there’s more at risk than a few unsolved homicides-especially when she’s sent to live with a group of teens whose gifts are as unusual as her own. Soon, it becomes clear that no one in the Naturals program is what they seem. And when a new killer strikes, danger looms close. Caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse with a killer, the Naturals are going to have to use all of their gifts just to survive. 

Think The Mentalist meets Pretty Little Liars-Jennifer Lynn-Barnes’ The Naturals is a gripping psychological thriller with killer appeal, a to-die-for romance, and the bones of a gritty and compelling new series.

What I Thought:

The Naturals is really interesting!  I’m really glad I listened to it, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.  I really can’t wait to see where things go.

I really like the idea of exceptional teenagers with really interesting abilities in a classified program working on cold cases. Barnes did a great with holding my interest, and I like that all the kids can work together on cases because they all have something to contribute.

I really liked the mystery through out the book and how there were chapters from the killers perspective.  I had a general idea of who could be, but even I was slightly surprised at who it was and was really surprised at the reason why.

I want to randomly talk about the narration, because I have some thoughts on the chapters from the killer’s perspective- it came through well, but because I listened to it, it always took some time to adjust to that perspective.  I think I would have found that more interesting if I had some way to distinguish it, because while Faith did a great narrating. it was a bit hard to distinguish it from the rest of the book.  It was just different enough that I could tell the difference, but I kind of wish there were more of a difference in the audio book.  Still, I’m glad I listened to it, because Faith did do a great job narrating, and because it just worked really well as an audio book.

I liked the characters and I’m glad they have different abilities.  I really liked some of the teamwork that came out when the working on the serial killer case, and I hope we see more of it in the coming books.  I also liked that it was perfectly normal for some kids to have such abilities as the ones seen in the book, and that they were treated pretty normal.  And not weird or anything because of their abilities.

I was really reminded of both The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting and Mind Games by Kiersten White, so if you liked The Naturals, you’ll want to check those books out.  Or if you liked The Body Finder or Mind Games, you’ll want to check out The Naturals.

Let’s Rate It:

I really liked The Naturals and I can’t wait to read the next book!  It’s such a good mystery and I couldn’t stop listening to it. The Naturals gets 4 stars. 

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