Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books That Will Make You Cry

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Top Ten Books That Will Make You Cry

This is the perfect topic for me.  Seriously, it is, because there quite a few books that have made me cry!  I cry pretty easily, so I don’t know if I’m the best judge of what will make you cry, but I’m still going to share my list on books that you need to have a box of kleenex for.  Limiting myself to 10 is going to be so hard…because I could easily do another list.  Not even kidding.

  1. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  If you don’t cry when reading this book, you are probably void of emotion.  Because every single time I read this book, I cry even harder than I did the last time I read it.
  2. Hate List by Jennifer Brown.  I was still crying 10 minutes after I finished this emotional roller-coaster of a book.
  3. Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  Because seeing Alice go from college professor to being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s and how much she truly forgot over the course the book…very, very heart-breaking.
  4. The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan.  I could do all three books individually, but since they all made me cry, it seemed fair to put all them together.  Let me tell you, by the time I was finished with the last book, I had a pile of kleenex next to me.
  5. In Honor by Jessi Kirby.  I was crying by the end, of course, but it’s rare for me to cry at the BEGINNING of the book…and Honor grieving over her brother and trying to honor his last, dying wish…it’s no wonder I couldn’t help but cry!
  6. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.  It’s definitely one of my favorite books when it comes to a character grieving over the loss of someone important, and I laughed and cried and laughed while I cried.  I totally related to Bailey and her grandma, and I was so sad they lost Lennie.
  7. If I Stay/Where She Went by Gayle Forman.  I dare you to not cry when reading these books.  Because you really can’t help it.  They’re both so emotional I don’t even know where to start…so just have the kleenex ready.
  8. Allegiant by Veronica Roth.  While it’s also possible to want to break things with Allegiant, I also couldn’t stop crying once I started.
  9. With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent.  Because Kaylee experiencing what she did in order to save her friends and family was so sad.  Her sacrifice really was heart-breaking.
  10. Boundless by Cynthia Hand.  Because a certain moment caused tears of sadness, and then a few pages later, another moment turned the sad tears into happy tears…I really should have a box of kleenex nearby when I finish a series…
  11. Me Since You by Laura Weiss.  I just finished the ARC of this one the other day, and I couldn’t help but cry for Rowan and her family.  One moment changed their lives forever, and my heart broke for them.

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