Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Worlds I Wouldn’t Want To Live In

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Top Ten Worlds I Wouldn’t Want To Live In

This is such a good topic!  Actually, this week, we had a choice of worlds we wouldn’t want to live in or characters we wouldn’t want to trade places with (if we don’t read books set in other worlds), but there are so many worlds I wouldn’t want to live that I decided to go with that option.

  1. Panem from The Hunger Games.  This is most definitely an obvious choice, but I still wouldn’t want to live there.
  2. Wherever A Song Of Fire And Ice is set.  There’s way too much going on in that world, and it doesn’t seem like a pleasant place to live.  Of course, this is based off the first book, because I could barely get through that one, much less the rest of the series.
  3. the U.S. in Delirium.  Because I don’t want surgery to make sure I don’t fall in love.  A world where love is considered a disease is one scary world.
  4. The world of Matched.  I have no desire to see how things turn out in the series after I read the second one ages ago, but I do not want to live in a world where things like music and art are limited to 100 books, and I most certainly do not want to live in a world where my life is completely mapped out.
  5. The world of The Silenced.  The parallels to the Holocaust were kind of scary, and being forced to be the same as everyone else?  Not a world I’d want to live in.
  6. The world of Unwind.  Not just because of the fictional 2nd civil war over reproductive rights, but because you see how both sides of an issue can go totally insane.  And the idea of being unwind?  I wouldn’t want to grow up in a world with that hanging over my head.
  7. Maxwell Academy from Variant.  So, Variant is a world where people are replaced with androids, and you have no idea why, since it’s seems like there are no plans for a third book any time soon.  I would not want to live in fear of becoming a robot or constantly be wondering if people I know are secretly robots.
  8. Pretty much any world Rachel Caine creates.  Because things go to hell in a hand basket pretty fast.  They’re fun to read, but to live in?  Not so much.
  9. The world of the Immortal Rules.  Human are seen as cattle, because vampires have taken over, and they pretty much rule the world, and if you’re not registered…well, you are out of luck.  And I definitely would not want to live in that world.
  10. The world of Divergent.  I really wouldn’t want to live in a world where I had to pick a faction, and then find out everything I’ve ever known is a lie.

Honorable Mentions- More worlds I would not want to live in: the worlds of When She Woke,  the Dire Earth Cycle, Pawn, Inside Out and Sky Jumpers


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