Book Review: Cape Storm

Cape Storm CoverBook: Cape Storm by Rachel Caine

Published August 2009 by Penguin|Pages: 320

Where I Got It: Nook store (e-book)

Series: Weather Warden #8

Genre: Adult Paranormal

Goodreads|You can find Rachel Caine On Twitter and Facebook

Goodreads Summary: Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin and her new husband, the Djinn David, are running from a malevolent hurricane bent on destroying her. Joined by an army of fellow Wardens and Djinn onboard a hijacked luxury liner, Joanne has lured the storm into furious pursuit. But even their combined magic may not be enough to stop it-nor the power-mad ex-Weather Warden controlling it…

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more interesting or strange or OMGWTF…they totally did!  Especially the OMGWTF because I did not see any of this coming.  

I don’t even know where to begin…Joanne is a good a place to start as anything else, I guess.  There were some totally great moments with David.  And Joanne did things I was not expecting at all.  And she did them with more glee than I ever expected, given everything that was going on.  Lewis had this master plan, and that was unexpected, because it’s a side of him that I never expected to come out.  It’s perfectly understandable, of course, because we are at the point where you cannot trust anyone.  Quite literally, I might add, because things that were put in place to make sure other things would happen and the results of said things made for 320 pages of unexpected awesomeness.

Back to Joanne: because of Bad Bob’s dark mark, she has an interesting change in personality.  Again, totally not expecting it, but I like that Caine is not scared to mess with her characters.

I am interested in how all of the loose ends are going to get tied up in Total Eclipse, which is the next (and last) book in this series.  Because I have no clue where things are headed or how things will get tied up and the realization that Joanne and David…have…certain issues that will have MAJOR consequences.

Cherise really shows why she’s an awesome friend, and Kevin is still himself.  And I will admit that there were a couple moments between Jo and Lewis that I really liked.

I also loved that Cape Storm took place on a cruise ship!  It’s definitely different than being on land, where all of the other books have taken place, but I liked the change in setting.  It definitely made things much more interesting than they already were.

Final Thoughts:

It should be no surprise that I loved Cape Storm!  This is such a fun series, and there was no way that I could have predicted anything that happened!  Cape Storm gets 5 stars.

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