Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me NOT Pick Up A Book

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Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me NOT Pick Up A Book

Or as I like to call it, a bunch of genres and general categories that I don’t read a lot of.  This is a really hard one for me because I’m not a picky reader, and I feel like I’m pretty open as far as reading goes…so why not talk about the things I don’t read a lot of?

  1. Ghosts!  I’ve read a few paranormal books about ghosts, and they’ve been okay.  But I’m determined to give it a chance in the hopes that I will actually come across one that I actually like!
  2. Zombies.  It’s hard for me to get into zombie books.  I’ve read some I’ve liked, but I just have a hard time finding them.
  3. Mash-ups.  I’m hesitant to put this one on my list, because I did like Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter…the only one in this genre I’ve read.  I don’t want to judge it on the one book I’ve read (and liked) but…overall, I don’t have a lot of interest in the Pride And Prejudice And Zombies genre.
  4. Westerns.  Again, I hate making judgments on things I don’t read…but straight-up westerns…I just can’t do.  Actually, I think I’ve read a romance novel or two that was set on a ranch or something, and I liked those, so maybe it’s a matter of finding something that’s appealing.
  5. Books that people make fun of: because, well, I’m scared that people will judge me and think I’m weird or stupid or something in the event that I actually read it and like it.  I really need to work on that, because there are probably a few books out there that I’m missing out on because of this.
  6. Werewolves.  Soulless by Gail Carriger is the exception to this, because she made werewolves cool.  Other than that, I’ve had to DNF every other werewolf-only book I’ve picked up.
  7. Steampunk.  Gail Carriger is apparently my go-to author for all things steampunk and werewolves, because hers are the only steampunk ones I find hard to put down.
  8. Women in historical fiction who seem too modern.  It’s not a bad thing, and I totally appreciate the women throughout history who were ahead of the times.  Sometimes, it’s not annoying, depending on the book, but overall, I tend to not like it.

I’m actually going to call it a day on this one because I really can’t think of anything else…so…Happy Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me NOT Pick Up A Book

  1. Awesome list! I agree with so many of them, especially werewolves and romances. Sorry, but if the book doesn’t have something to go along with the romance, I probably won’t like it. And I cannot wait to read Soulless, it sounds very good!
    My TTT

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