Mini Book Review: Oppressed

Oppressed CoverBook: Oppressed by Kira Saito

Self-Published by Kira Saito on December 26, 2012|Pages: 251

Where I Got It: E-book|Nook Store

Series: Arelia LaRue #4

Genre: YA Paranormal

You Can Find Oppressed in the Kindle store, the Nook store, and at Smashwords

Goodreads Summary: Down in New Orleans, Arelia LaRue ventures further into the world of les mysteries and comes face to face with secrets that threaten to turn her entire world upside down.

A tragically painful past is revisited… Secrets are revealed… And enemies are exposed…

In the intoxicating world of New Orleans Voodoo/Hoodoo expect the unexpected.

Oppressed is definitely my least favorite book in the Arelia LaRue series.  While we see the curse that bound Louis/Ivan and Lucas to Darkwood, and go much deeper into the past than we have in the past 3 books, I didn’t find it as interesting as the other books.  I mean, Saito did a great job at showing what New Orleans was like in the 1850’s, and it was nice seeing how the past has an impact on the future and how history is repeating itself.

But I missed seeing Arelia figuring things out and dealing with everything in the present.  It really was a different book, and while it (sort of) fit with the rest of the series, it didn’t fit as well as I was expecting.  Interestingly enough, it’s the only book that felt the most complete, but I’m still feeling like I’m reading a story in installments as opposed to something with a beginning, middle and an end.

I had a harder time connecting to everything because I wasn’t expecting to get so much history.  I felt like I was getting to know Arelia and Lucas, and all of a sudden, they’re in a completely different form than what I was expecting.

Overall, I really like this series, so I’ll keep reading because I want to know what happens.  But Oppressed is the first book where I started to feel like the story was going on for a little too long.  Oppressed gets 2 stars.


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