Book Review: Lovely Dark And Deep

Lovely Dark And Deep CoverBook: Lovely, Dark And Deep by Amy McNamara

Published October 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers|Pages: 352

Where I Got It: E-book|Nook Store

Series: None

Genre: YA Contemporary

Goodreads|Amy McNamara’s Website

Summary: A resonant debut novel about retreating from the world after losing everything—and the connections that force you to rejoin it.

Since the night of the crash, Wren Wells has been running away. Though she lived through the accident that killed her boyfriend Patrick, the girl she used to be didn’t survive. Instead of heading off to college as planned, Wren retreats to her father’s studio in the far-north woods of Maine. Somewhere she can be alone.

Then she meets Cal Owen. Dealing with his own troubles, Cal’s hiding out too. When the chemistry between them threatens to pull Wren from her hard-won isolation, Wren has to choose: risk opening her broken heart to the world again, or join the ghosts who haunt her.

Holy cow!  So…Lovely, Dark, And Deep…how I loved thee.  I am impressed.  Very impressed.  Lovely, Dark And Deep was so beautiful that I WAS STILL CRYING 5 MINUTES AFTER FINISHING IT.  Me crying is sort of rare, but even more rare is me crying for a few minutes after finishing it.

McNamara doesn’t waste a single word, and it felt like every word meant something and was carefully thought it.  It was very poetic, and I wasn’t surprised when I learned that McNamara has written poetry, because that really comes through.

I thought Wren was an interesting character.  She was really easy to really to, and was a pretty sympathetic character.  Her relationship with her dad, her mom, and her former best friend were all really different, but I loved her relationship with her dad, with Mary, and with Cal.  Her dad’s pretty awesome, and was much more willing to let Wren deal with things in her own way.  It’s too bad Mary was only there for part of the book, because she balanced out Wren in a lot of ways.

Her mom and her best friend.  Good God, they were irritating.  They pretty much thought Wren was selfish because she put off going to college and moved in with her dad and isolated herself from people.  It really seemed like Wren wasn’t grieving the way they wanted her to.  Which is a little sad because everyone grieves differently, and Wren went through a lot.  I mean, she went to a party, broke up with her boyfriend, who was drunk at the time because she was pregnant, had a car accident, and lost both him and her child.  And she had to deal with people wondering how she made it out okay, while he ended up dead…and them not knowing she was pregnant and miscarried.

Lovely, Dark And Deep was so heartbreakingly real and honest, and it’s such an emotional read.  Wren just wants to be in a place where she can JUST BE and grieve in her own way.  It may look like she’s running, but I saw a girl who needs a chance to breathe and let go and process things in her own way.  Was Wren selfish?  Maybe, but grief…it can make you do strange things.

I don’t know how I’ve gotten this far in my review and haven’t really talked about Cal!  I’m not completely sure about his relationship with Wren, but I’m glad he and Wren have each other, because they both really need someone.  They both needed a friend, and they definitely found more than that in each other.  I really am glad they found each other, because with everything they were going through, they needed to have that one person to help pull them out of it.

There’s just something so quiet and reflective about Lovely, Dark And Deep.  As strange as this may seem, it was a nice way to break up a lot of the lighter stuff I’ve been reading…and even stranger is that this book is exactly what I’ve needed.

Final Thoughts:

Words cannot express how I feel about Lovely, Dark And Deep.  I just feel so strongly about it that…5 stars doesn’t seem like a high enough rating.  It’s so FREAKING BEAUTIFUL, and every minute I cried was totally worth it.  I’m totally adding a new rating to the blog: Lovely, Dark And Deep gets 5+ stars!

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