Mini Book Review: Waifs And Strays

Waifs And Strays CoverBook: Waifs And Strays by Charles de Lint

Published June 2004 by Firebird|391 pages

Borrowed the paperback from a friend!

Series: None

Genre: Fiction/Short Stories/Fantasy

Summary: Charles de Lint is a thirteen-time finalist for the World Fantasy Award, and eight of his books were chosen for the reader-selected Modern Library Top 100 Books of the Twentieth Century. His best-selling and award-winning work has always featured teenage characters. Here, at long last, is a collection of his stories about teenagers- a book for teen and adult alike. From the streets of his famed Newford to the alleys of Bordertown to the realms of Faerie, this is speculative fiction that will tranfix and delight, that will make readers think and feel and keep reading. Waifs and Strays is a must-own for de Lint fans, and an ideal introduction to his work for newcomers.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Waifs And Strays, but I liked it more than I was expecting.

I really liked the elements of fantasy and myth and how well he blended them with the real world.  I also liked how the main characters were all teens.  Towards the end, they all started to blend together because they all seemed pretty similar to each other.  And this was after reading a couple stories at a time.  Since this book is short stories, it’s easy to have a couple other books going on at the same time, because you can read a couple at a time.

With any collection of short stories, you’re not going to like everything, which is the case with Waifs And Strays.  There were a few that were a little bit too long (like Sisters and Stick, to name a couple) but there were a few I liked (like Merlin Dreams In The Mondream Wood and Ghosts Of Wind And Shadow).

I did like the imagery and I could visualize everything so well.  I’ve never read Charles de Lint before, so this really is a good introduction to his work.  I don’t think I’m interested enough to read his other stuff.

I honestly have nothing else to add.  I liked it, but oddly enough, it’s also not my cup of tea.  Waifs And Strays gets 3 stars.


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