Book Review: The Midwife’s Revolt

The Midwife's Revolt CoverBook: The Midwife’s Revolt by Jodi Daynard

Published January 2013|Published by Opossum Press

E-book from NetGalley|221 pages

Series: None

Genre: Adult/Historical Fiction

Goodreads|Jodi Daynard’s Website

Summary: The Midwife’s Revolt takes the reader on a journey to the founding days of America. It follows one woman’s path, Lizzie Boylston, from her grieving days of widowhood after Bunker Hill, to her deepening friendship with Abigail Adams and midwifery, and finally to her dangerous work as a spy for the Cause. Much has been written about our founding men. But The Midwife’s Revolt is unique in that it opens a window onto the lives of our founding women as well.

This is an interesting take on the American Revolution.

I liked Lizzie and the relationships she had with the people around her.  Just seeing Lizzie, who’s a widow, try to survive on her own as a midwife during the American Revolution was great.  I liked seeing her friendship with Abigail Adams, even though it seemed to have a bigger role in the beginning of the book, and then dropped off a little as the novel progressed.  She had interesting relationships with Martha and Eliza, but I especially liked how her relationship with them changed from beginning to end.

What made The Midwife’s Revolt really interesting was the fact that you have a great combination of real and fictional characters and how well fact and fiction blended together.  It really felt like The Midwife’s Revolt was taken right from history.  It really is a great look at the lives of the women at home while their husbands are off at war, and Abigail being all worried about her son and her husband and getting infrequent letters from John Adams.

I honestly expected Lizzie to have more of a role in helping out.  She does become a spy, and I liked how everyone around her didn’t want her to become a spy…and she went ahead with it anyway.  I think I was a little disappointed with the spying aspect of it- I was expecting Lizzie to have more of a role in the American Revolution that what she did.

There’s only one issue I have with the book: there were times when you’d be reading, and it would end mid-sentence and go on to something else.  There were also times when it felt like paragraphs (or sentences) were missing because you’d be reading something, and all of a sudden, you’d be reading a completely different scene.  I really hope it gets fixed because I think it would make The Midwife’s Revolt a lot better.  As much as I liked the book and as much I enjoyed it, it was also hard to enjoy it wondering if/when it would stop mid-sentence.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed The Midwife’s Revolt, which is full of great characters who are living in interesting but hard times.  It’s a great look at the early days of America and those who are trying to get by.  It gets 4 stars.

One thought on “Book Review: The Midwife’s Revolt

  1. Thank you for reviewing my novel! I am concerned about the technical glitches, though. Was this a Nook or Kindle edition? If you could possibly point me to the location of these glitches I would be most grateful. I would like to fix the problems as soon as possible! You can send me an email at Thanks so much, once again. — Jodi

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