Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever

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Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever

We’re back for another Top 10 Tuesday!  Okay, so this is a great topic, because there are some irritating characters (and some general character types) that annoy the hell out of me.  I could go on and on about frustrating characters…and had I not grouped certain characters together, this would be one long list.  I did try to keep the ranting to a minimum, which helped…I think.  Here are the 10 that are currently the most frustrating characters ever!

  1. Sorcha from Daughter Of The Forest.  She was so frustrating!  Basically, at the beginning, she was pretty insistent on not getting married…only to fall in love and get married by the end of the book.  I’m just not a big fan of characters in historical fiction who are insistent on not getting married, because they want to be educated or do their own thing or whatever.  I’m generally forgiving of inaccuracies in fiction but this is the one thing that is frustrating.
  2. Arya from A Game Of Thrones.  She’s frustrating because she’s the typical female character in fantasy who is more interested in learning how to fight than to do the typical needlework and such.  It’s weird, too, because I don’t mind Eowyn, from Lord Of The Rings.  I think it’s pretty much because she’s so in the background that I don’t really notice it.
  3. Rose from Vampire Academy.  She was really unlikeable, and seemed more interested in parties and getting drunk than learning what was necessary to protect Lissa.
  4. Jean from Jinx.  While it is nice to see a character who’s still fairly innocent, it did get annoying.  Sweet but super-insecure.  I like characters who are sweet, and I certainly don’t mind characters who have insecurities, but it was just a bit much with Jean.
  5. Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson.  The most frustrating thing about Percy was the fact that 15-year-old Percy was far too similar to 11-year-old Percy.  Even taking into account the ADHD/being the son of Poseidon and guys maturing at a slower rate than girls…it’s still a little too weird.
  6. Kendra and Seth from Fablehaven.  I honestly couldn’t pick, so I went with both of them.  Seth was a selfish brat, and Kendra was too much of a know-it-all.
  7. Jude, Mia, and Lexi from Night Road.  Because their frustration is kind of interconnected.  Jude was irritating because she’s such a helicopter mom.  She’s one of the characters who acts all supportive and tries to be the cool mom by telling her kids they can call her if they get drunk at a party…only to get mad at them and ground them when they make said call.  Mia, because she’s all clingy- to the point that her twin can’t do what he wants JUST BECAUSE SHE CAN’T GO TO USC ALL BY HERSELF.  If I’m pointing out how clingy and dependent someone is, you know it has to be annoying and frustrating, because normally I’m all whatever about it.  And Lexi because she kept complaining about how Zach and Mia had chances and opportunities she didn’t.
  8. Here’s a character type: the weapon-wielding, tough, super-independent bad-ass who seems to reject anything seen as feminine.  Just…no.  It really makes me want to bang my head against a wall.  I’m just going to leave it at that, because the last thing I need to do is go on some super-long rant about this.
  9. Kendra from Whirl and Alex from Half-Blood.  I’m grouping these two characters together because they frustrate me for the same reason.  They are both too insistent on fighting the bad guy themselves, even when told not to, because it’s too dangerous and because they don’t have enough training to take on the bad guy.  There is a time and a place for going after the bad…and it’s not when you’ve been told not to.  And the lack of consequences for ignoring orders to not do anything makes it worse.  It seems to be sometimes paired with #8, which is partially the case with Kendra and Alex.
  10. And we’re ending with Ginny, from 13 Little Blue Envelopes.  She’s frustrating because she seemed like she was going through the motions and was pretty disinterested in her trip.  You get to go on this crazy scavenger hunt through Europe and you don’t even bother to have fun with it?  It was frustrating to listen to.  Seriously, it was.

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